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Tolimar’s interview by Kushal

* Kushal did interview of  Alexander Tolimar Schmehl at LinuxTag. Kushal, are you converted to Debian now ? 😉 You can find it here.

Go Kushal Go!

blog tag cloud

* I tried to get “tag cloud” of my blog, it works!

Kartik Mistry@localized-gujarati-geek!:/# cloud

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Ikiwiki at Debian-IN

* As Jaldhar announced at Debian-IN mailing list, Ikiwiki has been setup (obvious, by him only!) on Debian-IN Page. Still some minor issue need to be solved (Unfortunately, I know only very basic of perl!). You can login with your Alioth username and can change relevant things there.

Today, I updated aspell-bn,or,pa,ta,te packages (upload due), And made it Lintian-Free for Debian-IN Packages 🙂 (And yes, Thanks to Soumyadip)

Update: Jaldhar’s mail hit to mailing-list after my blog post. Here it is.

One more meme from me

GNUnify 2007: Day 1

* I am in Font Workshop and currently learning basics of Font Technology and writing this post 🙂 Well, event is going good and I am (We are) enjoying it! We were somewhat late so, I missed Mayank‘s talk 😦 and then attended Priti’s talk on ‘Festival Speech Demo’. I didn’t know that priti is such good speaker! After that I went to attend Arun’s talk, he did really good job! His and Vijay’s talk was parallal, so, I missed Vijay’s OpenLazlo magic!!

Lunch was good 🙂

* I need to keep some money in bank! Thanks to Koki for managing trouble and I have no word for her quick action of adding money to my poor bank account 🙂 Click here to donate me!

CLI Theme

* Have you noticed the cool theme at my wordpress blog? Its cool CLI 1.0 theme. You can also add custom commands easily. I am planning to hack more commands in coming days and contribute back to the theme. This theme simply rocks! Bad things is that my server doesn’t have Imagemagick installed so, I can’t show images 😦

* I am impressed by dynamic schedules of GNUnify 2007!

GPG Session at Office

* I knew that it will be heavy, but I was committed to do that. I took session about GPG in my office during MM. Or May be I need to make such session more simpler 🙂 Well, Slide and other things can be download from here. I did some research and found nice page about generating your own ‘Web Of Trust’ graph! I spend some time of 31st to convert these scripts to Python also! Here is my graph!

Web of Trust Graph of Kartik Mistry

Why youtube sucks!

* Yes, it is true! I better like to download video using youtube-dl, convert it to ogg or mpeg (using memcoder) and watch it at night! I am still dealing with 8kbps at home 🙂 Anyway, youtube-dl works without username, password! You just need to have url of video.

Debian Package of The Day

* Debian Package of The Day is back! If you are using Debian and using particular cool package(s) and want to know the world about it, this is right place! You can also join the team!

Cool Poster and my blog header

* I just saw this cool ubuntu poster in Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter. And so inspired that I used it to make temporary header for my blog. But, I need to work on my own header 🙂

* Prepared initial package for gnome-orca for “experimental” only. Let see how I can improve it after getting report on it. You can get it via mentors.debian.net. Or directly here.


* I need help for working on mined, wallpaper-tray and pylzma. I have done ITA for first two and 3rd one is new ITP. All package contains some tricky work, so challenges are there. Any one? Pylzma is interesting package and taking my most time (and giving me good experience!).

* ‘First Gujarati Blogger Conference’ held on Saturday 9:30 to 11:30 PM ! (Well, it was on Yahoo! Conference, but good start than /dev/null)