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* I found (Thanks Pradeepto) this nice, geeky, commandline TODO application and instantly fall in ITP love. Yokadi is what you need.

The first task added in Yokadi was ‘To make Yokadi Debian package’…

pyslide story

* Someday back, it was decided that python-xml is no longer updated in Debian and Ubuntu, so it will be removed and this bug #468610 was filed (with many similar bugs). Good enough. I was searching and looking into it with my limited knowledge of Python and so on. Accidentally, I found that this bug has been ‘fixed’ into Ubuntu LP: #199014. Nice. I tried that solution and it wasn’t really working. So, Onkar opened it quickly with confirmation. Thanks to him for quick work.

So, I requested for ‘help’ of this bug. Nothing came from submitter. Now, it was closed again (9th April) with saying that python-xml dependency has been re-added. But, this diff is saying different story. It may be slipped in hurry of releasing Hardy!

Moral of the story: Ubuntu needs more QA work.

PS: Ubuntu users, please report grave bug if pyslide is not working without python-xml.

PS II: pyslide is nice little package to create nice presentations 🙂

Fontypython: Now fonts are easy to manage!

* With fontypython (Which is unstable now), you can play with any fonts without actually installing it to system (who needs fc-cache now?). Here is simple method to use it. Thanks Daniel for upload and Donn C. Ingle for writing this simple but useful program.

FontyPython_Screenshot1 FontyPython_Screenshot2 FontyPython_Screenshot3

FontyPython_Screenshot5 FontyPython_Screenshot6 FontyPython_Screenshot7


* I Did ITP for ldtp-doc yesterday. And the great thing is that nags changed its licence from GFDL to LGPL, making things easy for Debian packaging for me (& world). Thanks nags for that. I have not seen such co-operative upstream yet!! LDTP-doc will contain html documentation for LDTP (Linux Desktop Testing Project) package.

Events to watch out!

* Lots of things happening in the coming days. Watch out for Creative Commons launch of India at IITB on 26th January and GNUnify 2007 on next two days. And SELF conference at HBCSE  on 2nd February! For those who are in or near Bangalore, the first Indian Python Conference is happening at full pace!

festival-* in New!

* Festival-* are in New! You can get them from here and here while they are making way into unstable. Test and listen the magic done by Janabharati/CDAC, Mumbai team.

* Currently busy with LDTP packaging. I am thinking to include good documentations from the web for possible LDTP-doc package. But, let me clear the license attach with it.

* GNUnify 2007 is there! If you are wondering where the website of the event hidden, here it is!

GPG Session at Office

* I knew that it will be heavy, but I was committed to do that. I took session about GPG in my office during MM. Or May be I need to make such session more simpler 🙂 Well, Slide and other things can be download from here. I did some research and found nice page about generating your own ‘Web Of Trust’ graph! I spend some time of 31st to convert these scripts to Python also! Here is my graph!

Web of Trust Graph of Kartik Mistry

More packages..

* Kphotobymail and mpy-svn-stats made their entry to sid (unstable). Kushal will be :). So, total 12+3 (ITP) now. Too much for wanna be DD!

*  Waiting for my Digicam! (Samsung s700)

Python Packaging

* I have now 7 python packages (written in Python) in Debian (In etch, sid, new, incoming and ITP + 1 Intent to hijack!). Its great to do package Python stuffs. I love tepache, mpy-svn-stats and pyslide – as they are very helpful in daily work.

I also did ITP for gnome-orca. I just joined Ubuntu accessibility team (with very warm welcome!) and started to co-work with Ubuntu gnome-orca packager. I will focus more on this from coming weekend.

* Its PITA if ATM is not near your home or Office! I always have 2/3 rupees in pocket 🙂

Python on my mobile..

* I was finding my old article on LFY, and I came across nice article about Python on Nokia 6600, I was amazed to see that and in few minutes Python was running in my mobile! Wow..

* This is the best resource page I have ever seen. There is #pys60 channel on irc.freenode.org too! I will put some screenshot after gaining some experience on it..

* I had seesion on ‘Linux Community’ in Office.. I used s5 for that. And I was inspired to make it due to lack of AMD64 OpenOffice.org build on my machine 😦