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More uninteresting updates!

* Gwibber in experimental. Expect: 2.31.93-1 by tonight.

+ It is still slow. In short, it sucks at moment. Report bugs to upstream. Any improvement for Debian packaging (I moved it to pysupport (Thanks to Filip Chabik)

* Life sucks. Why?

+ Festival time. I’ve developed allergy to noise.
+ 31++ today. Still not much sign of getting wiser. And, no gift to me from myself.
+ Laptop is becoming pain now. 4GB is not enough!

non-free (web) services

* I was thinking to move out of as many as non-free (FaiF) web services after reading mako’s this post and now zack wrote about it with good explanations and reasons.

What things I’m using? And its replacement:

– GMail [and related stuffs] – (I don’t own server/email setup, may be next year’s plan?)
– Facebook (Big question here – how will I keep touch with my wife?)
– LinkedIn (My profile there is crap, half baked. Can leave it without worry)
– Twitter (Identi.ca)
– Orkut (Already not using much)
– Github (Gitorious)

Thank God. WordPress is amazing and free. I can keep in touch with this amazing ‘blue pill’ virtual world with blog posts at least. Starting acting on the list from bottom-up. Lets see how far I can go.

Updates: Life and more…

* It is same old life, apart from:

+ Guitar is going good. Learning first thing apart from computer in life 😉

+ Learning C++ and openFrameworks for helping friend for project. More details later..

* Packages:

+ I’ve uploaded Gwibber 2 after waiting for ages to experimental now. Now, OAuth sucked life from all previous version of Gwibber – stable version will not have twitter working. I’m thinking what can be best solution for that.

+ Code::Blocks is with me now. I’m talking to upstream to do better things with license issues. It will not make to stable, but backport version is planned.

* Kavin:

+ Arr. He can reach to my any books, gadgets and even laptop.

Bunch of good news..

1. Kavin is of 3 today. Can’t forgot that awesome day 🙂
2. I’ve joined Nexenta Systems since last month..
3. Nexenta is going to sponsor DebConf10!

No. No DebConf for me this time. Wish me best luck for next time, please!

Two weekends and between them

* I’ll be at Mumbai (aka BOM) on next two weekends. Between that I’ll be free to work on whatever I want while watching TV or movie. i.e. dear Ks are away for 5 days.

24-25 Apr and 1-2 May. Beer signing? Key party? LUG Meet? Anyone?

My secret plans at Mumbai are:
+ Get some hardware for new ‘upcoming’ PC at Lemington Road,
+ Get some books from CBS,
+ Get Reliance super-duper high-speed Internet dongle working with Debian, write small how-to for that. Repeat that with super awesome Tata Photon.
+ Meet friends there!
+ Return back with tons of mangoes.

Debconf 10

* Unfortunately…

(with apologies to GIMP)

The year

* I mean that last damn 2009 was not so good but yeah, that is life! Promising readers to give more posts like 140 chars in coming year! 😉


* Kavin’s school had “Bird Day” and we made him penguin. It was first attempt to learn stuffs are imposing to parents from school. I think overall we did good job. /me pats both Ks.


* This really deserve more than ‘twit’, so I am putting it here as NEWS.

We selected nearby no-nonsense, no-hype, no-big-fees kind of school running in somewhat 4 BHK kind of bungalow in residential area. He is in ‘Playgroup’ where primary motive is to interact with others, to learn by monkey business and to learn some good (hopefully) stuffs. I was glad that he did not cried while going to school, but we had to drag him to home and he cried a lot 😛

Current school timings are 9.30 AM to 11.30 AM, so I must help K and need to wake up early in the morning and probably stop (or reduce) useless hacking till late night.

However, I’m kind of down due to RCT, Stomach issues and now some pain in shoulder – but still alive to write this.


* Crossed 30. Hope that I will be more mature, sane and reponsible than before. Hope that I will kick my laziness sometime in this year. Hope that I will be myself.

Thanks to all who wished by call, sms, orkut, facebook, im (all possible ways, accounts) and in person.

Koki surprized me in the morning by putting nice birthday card and gift near laptop. I love you, baby.

Desktop or Netbook?

* I am looking for either assembled desktop or netbook suitable for my wife` K`. She refused to use my Macbook 😦 even it will be unused during daytime after I will be joining new place/job from Monday!

She asked: What will be OS in it?

Me: Linux.

She: Oh!

Me: What will you do with that machine?

She: Surfing, Email etc

Me: Then, why you should worry, dear 😛