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New DigiCam

* Finally, I got my new digital camema Samsung DigiMax S700!. Now, my adventure in digital photography is about to start. Thanks Hiral & Atin for this!

Some cool/bad features:
+ 7.2 MP, 3x Optical Zoom, 5x Digital Zoom
+ Large 2.5″ LCD
– No Viewfinder, so battery eater!

* LDTP Package is fixed now.

* I forgot that it was Holi yesterday and couldn’t found any shop open in my native Palanpur. Meet Vinay/Anil/Manish in hurry and back by night bus. Well, bus was jam packed and I had to standup during the whole journey.

At Ahmedabad..

* Things are going slow & smooth here. Except, I was too much shocked by death of my grandmother at Palanpur. I have already written about this at my Gujarati blog.

* LDTP, Festival-* already entered in unstable and I need to fix why it is throwing ‘dh_pysupport -a commad not found error’ in all architechtures.

* No connectivity. Hope that this will resolve soon 😦

Palanpur – Here I come!

* Yeah, time to mv /home /home.Orig! I am going Palanpur on tomorrow or either day after tomorrow (Depending upon ticket reservation status!). I will be back on 27th Feb and my IRC/Internet life will be start only after that again 😉

Out of Mumbai..

* I will be Out-Of-Station till Monday! Going to represent exhibition in which Utkarsh will take part and it will be great chance to get some real user inputs to improve the quality of translation and CD! The exhibition will be at Ambaji, North Gujarat – Which is famous religious place in Gujarat and whole India.

* Had a back pain last night. Hardly sleept 3/4 hours 😦 I felt more because my Office’s HDD starts to show strange I/O Errors and Inittab file was corrupt! It just asked in which runlevel you want to enter! LOL!

* When *BSD v/s Linux war will finish? We should note that Linux is alone and there is *BSD 🙂