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fonts-* migration

* We’ve now done with big transition of Indic fonts from ttf-* naming to fonts-*. Debian-IN-Workers team now maintains around 61 packages. We’ve also finished process of moving to Git from SVN along with this. Kudos to Vasudev, Muneeb and AbdulKarim for taking lead, help and pushing me hard for upload and testing. (31 packages upload on Sunday night = 62 times my GPG passphrase, not counting couple of wrong entries ;))


* I found (Thanks Pradeepto) this nice, geeky, commandline TODO application and instantly fall in ITP love. Yokadi is what you need.

The first task added in Yokadi was ‘To make Yokadi Debian package’…

[VAC] Till I get Debian machine!

* I have no longer pure Debian machine access available to me for unknown time 😦 So, obviously, I will not able to update my packages (most packages need no update and migrated into testing already, some are waiting for sponsor to uploads). All are under LowThresholdNmu. Feel free to do NMU without asking me, if RC/RG bug appears 🙂 I will have IRC/Mail etc access though.

Enjoy Madi!

Meanwhile, I am enjoying beer, movies, learning Python and finishing readinglong pending books.

pyslide story

* Someday back, it was decided that python-xml is no longer updated in Debian and Ubuntu, so it will be removed and this bug #468610 was filed (with many similar bugs). Good enough. I was searching and looking into it with my limited knowledge of Python and so on. Accidentally, I found that this bug has been ‘fixed’ into Ubuntu LP: #199014. Nice. I tried that solution and it wasn’t really working. So, Onkar opened it quickly with confirmation. Thanks to him for quick work.

So, I requested for ‘help’ of this bug. Nothing came from submitter. Now, it was closed again (9th April) with saying that python-xml dependency has been re-added. But, this diff is saying different story. It may be slipped in hurry of releasing Hardy!

Moral of the story: Ubuntu needs more QA work.

PS: Ubuntu users, please report grave bug if pyslide is not working without python-xml.

PS II: pyslide is nice little package to create nice presentations 🙂


* I started with my packages, ayttm, festival, sitecopy, tagtool and xosview. Some bugs were already fixed at upstream and forgotten and some was unreproducible. I am happy that submitters provided necessary information to keep my tempo high to really fix them.

* I reported small typo (missing ‘ in description) for package ‘debian-maintainers‘ at 11:38 AM, Joey replied and done it (actually it was fixed in NEW version) at 11:56 AM!


* Just finished OpenOffice.org Gujarati GSI file with updated 2.0.1 translation. Need to upload it somewhere (mostly on gu.openoffice.org)

* I was trying Pbuilder. But, connection was so nasty that it stopped in between and my all download went to /dev/null and i was helpless! Time for another connection? I don’t know how much MB from 500MB is used till date and how they will bill me for that? God Knows (or sometime even god doesn’t know how ISP is charging..)

* Waiting for any possibility of 31st party 🙂