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HackFest01: Lessons

* Lots of learnings! As I mention before, I tried to get festival-gu working with minimal hack of festival-te. I come to conclusion is it is now job of some what more attention and feedback from others regarding language specific stuffs. But, I also found that festival-te debian package also need to apply upstream patch(s) to work correctly. (see: bug: #404463). I also found solution of Kline to our IP from oftc.net’s IRC channels!

* I hardly sleep for 15 minutes in front of my lcd during event. Pizza was good and thanks to bigbazaar! Thanks to everyone for participation. We are planning to have next HackFest in starting of Feb. See also Nirav’s post about this.

Foss.in: Random thoughts..

* You can download slides of my talk from here. Well, it is not much useful, if you’ve already attended the talk.

* My favourite quotes from the event:
“Crazy thing happens in blue tants” — AfC
“The whole world is going stupid” — Tim Pritlove, CCC

* I am currently struggling with ‘Makefile’ patch issue with libyahoo2. I don’t why but my patch seems not working 😦

Foss.in/2006: EOF

* But, its not over! I will post report in details later. It was (is) great event and I enjoyed at full pace. Thanks to Foss.in team, voulnteers and audience. Special thanks to John (jewel), Kapil Hari Paranjape, Prasad, Praveen, Arvind and many to make Debian things happen during event. I am sure that we will attract more people and will come up with actual work done during year. I will upload pictures at my gallery (well, it was with N6600 – so beware of quality!) tonight.

ILUG Meet with Mark Shuttleworth

* Sunday – A Nice Start. KDE 3.5 is running well now, after some help from Till@#foss.in. It was problem with putting ‘startkde’ script to /usr/share/xsession. Thanks Till!

* I got bus from my home to IITB directly. This route is short and it tooks only 50 minutes to be there. Prem met me and gave me ‘Test Driving Linux’ (Which is good book for starters). Thanks Prem.

* Mark came late but meanwhile Pro. Dipak Fatak gave some introduction about Project Eklavya. He also talked about some J-Factor and G-Factor, which was highly irrelevant to that meet, but we didn’t have any options 😦

* Here comes Mark! His talk was tried to interrupt by some silly questions from flame-thrower people (See ILUG-BOM mailing list archives, please) but, Mark was stable and nicely talked. We missed Space Tour experience but overall enjoyed the meet.

* Need to run for $home. K-factor this time!

Debian GNU/Linux Bible or Geeta?

I should say it is The Geeta for me now! I am very much thankful to Jaldhar Vyas. He sent me his book Debian 3.1 GNU/Linux Bible today from US! My mom and brother was amazed to see his biography in book!

Good news for Gujarati l10n:
1. I have stared #gujarati channel on irc.freenode.org
2. Ankit just finished l10m of gimp, gaim and xchat 2! and he is going for GNU softwares. If you want to like to join this noble effort, see this.
3. I started debian-installer work for Gujarati language!

Indic Meet Day 1 and 2

Indic Developer’s Meet is going on!

I came late by one hour here because of rain. Day 1 started with Karunakar and gora’s speech. After participant’s intro, there was brainstroming session to find out area of focus and deliverable of Indic Meet. Karunakar and Sunil Mohan gave brief idea about different input methods like xkb, IIIMF and SCIM. Gora introduced people with Aspell and problems related with it. Subir (Nepal) talked about Hunspell which can be used in OO.o. Wnorrix missed his Drupal session due to rain 😦

In Hacking session, Gora made Gujarati Dictionary using Gnome 2.10’s PO files and script that can make sorted word list out of PO file! Aspell has some problems that it can’t be used with OO.o. Karunakar and shyamindu made Hunspell for OO.o 1.1.x.

Day 2:
Day 2 was started with session of Locale Collation and CLDR and glibc things by Gora and Abhiji. Gora has done nice work for IndicSort script that can be very useful. Codeset conversions ideas are given by Sunil Mohan and Gora with inputs from other people. I took videos of Karunakar’s Indic Testing session and Shyamindu’s CVS and Patching sessions. Bhaskar gave talk about SVN. Me talked about OO.o ‘s PO file generation and updating to SDF. Vijay Kumar and Subir talked about build issues and about problems with OO.o l10n. Basanta showed how to use MozillaTranslator with Mozilla/Firefox l10n. Hacking session is going on. OO.o and Mozilla build is going there and I don’t know when it will be complete!

Ready for “Linux Bangalore 2004″

I and Kunal will go together On 29th Night to attend LB04. Nirav will come join us later. He has 2 talks at LB04.

There is one Good Book on Developing any Mozilla Application :
Creating Applications with Mozilla
You can find lots of Mozilla related projects at : Mozdev