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NM Phishing Protection

* Madduck wrote the post Iceweasel/Firefox brings you the Windows experience So, I thought to try given sample link. And here is result!

NM Trap!

Tolimar’s interview by Kushal

* Kushal did interview of  Alexander Tolimar Schmehl at LinuxTag. Kushal, are you converted to Debian now ? 😉 You can find it here.

Go Kushal Go!

LDTP Tutorial

* LDTP (aka Linux Desktop Testing Project) has published nice tutorial in PDF format. You can get it here till my ldtp-doc package is in NEW (Package has odt format only). Currently, package can be found on usual mentors repository.

Fontypython: Now fonts are easy to manage!

* With fontypython (Which is unstable now), you can play with any fonts without actually installing it to system (who needs fc-cache now?). Here is simple method to use it. Thanks Daniel for upload and Donn C. Ingle for writing this simple but useful program.

FontyPython_Screenshot1 FontyPython_Screenshot2 FontyPython_Screenshot3

FontyPython_Screenshot5 FontyPython_Screenshot6 FontyPython_Screenshot7

LUGA Meet 0

* Finally, we did it!

List of people who attended meet:
1. Hardik Dalwadi (DeepRoot Linux)
2. Kartik Mistry (Magnet, Utkarsh)
3. Isaac Praveen (DeepRoot Linux)

We met at CCD near LD College of Engineering around 7 PM yesterday. It was surprise that only 3 people actually turned up at meet (I though of atleast 6/7 people). But, since this was Meeting Zero, Never mind!

We discussed lots of things from Debian Etch release to DeepRootLinux. Hardik showed fancy Beryl and Deepofix working. I handed over Debian Etch Multiarch CD, We tried to install it over VMware but couldn’t get it working 😦

We also talked about attending some next cool events and involving student in LUGA. For any LUG, it is vital to have student base. Well, we had nice coffee too (Thanks to Hardik/Abhas Abhinav for sponsoring it!)

And yes, we had nice BSOD when Hardik tried to show me Windows XP Embedded! I took chance to get its video too!!

Pictures at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kartik_m/tags/lugameet0/

So, if you are at/near Ahmedabad or Gandhinagar and care and dare to travel on Sundays, you are most welcome!

Re: How To Minimize Your Value to The Company

* t3rmin4t0r wrote a really great post “How To Minimize Your Value to The Company“. Here is my views:

– Answer questions on devel forums – Yes. I used to maintain some forums, which gave me some ‘pet’ name!
– Write a technical blog – Yes (sometime!)
– Live the company values – Yes
– Write cool hacks – Yes.
– Have a serious hobby – Yes.
– Contribute to an open source project – Yes.

It depends. All of us know that ‘How much business you bring to company?’ is the core question. But, I am not feeling that my value has decreased or become minimized yet.

Microsoft at LA’07

* I was thinking to attend currently on-going Linux Asia 2007 event before I saw that Microsoft is ‘Interoperability Partner’! Now, I am still thinking what the hell is Interoperability? Can any one let me know? I see clearly that its Money things! Looking at speakers list only Philip (I heard that he is not going!), Dr. Louis, Zaheda Bhorat and Divya Prakash are Only worth attending! Good thing is that ILUG-D is not going to participate this event 🙂

GNUnify 2007: Day 2

* It was really good event! We had nice dinner at Pool Side. Interaction with other speakers and students was great and everyone enjoyed it! 2nd day started with talk of Alolita Sharma’s talk on “OpenSource is hip not hype: Top trends to watch in 2007” and after that there was wonderful talk of Dr. Louis on “Managing OpenSource Project”! I liked his style and the way of talking (without slides).

* My and Ubuntu Fiesty RoadMap talk of Mattew was at same time 😦 The good thing was that only genuine interested people was there in talk and it was the best talk from side 🙂 You can download the slides from here: PDF and ODP.

* LFY was given free at desk (with Ubuntu ‘edgy’ CD instead of OpenSuse 10.2!) wow! I am still waiting for payment of my last article of Sep 2006!! So, I hate LFY now! SICSR people gave speakers a nice clock 🙂 (Can be use at NightLamp)

* Don’t forget to visit: http://goodbye-microsoft.com/

* I hate white-ants! They ate my 6 books 😦

GNUnify 2007: Day 1

* I am in Font Workshop and currently learning basics of Font Technology and writing this post 🙂 Well, event is going good and I am (We are) enjoying it! We were somewhat late so, I missed Mayank‘s talk 😦 and then attended Priti’s talk on ‘Festival Speech Demo’. I didn’t know that priti is such good speaker! After that I went to attend Arun’s talk, he did really good job! His and Vijay’s talk was parallal, so, I missed Vijay’s OpenLazlo magic!!

Lunch was good 🙂

* I need to keep some money in bank! Thanks to Koki for managing trouble and I have no word for her quick action of adding money to my poor bank account 🙂 Click here to donate me!

Events to watch out!

* Lots of things happening in the coming days. Watch out for Creative Commons launch of India at IITB on 26th January and GNUnify 2007 on next two days. And SELF conference at HBCSE  on 2nd February! For those who are in or near Bangalore, the first Indian Python Conference is happening at full pace!

Festival-* Issue

* I did ITP for festival-hi and festival-mr after Priti Patil of CDAC gave ‘New Year Gift’ to Indic Community! Now, suddenly, I got message in IRC when I was at work. And rest is the story. And lesson: If you releasing your software under GPL or similar license, let people do whatever they want. Obey the rules of particular community. Act quick (atleast for ITP!). And keep the good work continue!

* Thanks to Sankarshan for taking care of issue. May be We will have festival-hi and festival-mr in New queue. Cheers!

* IRC log is available here for people who want to see the issue.