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the first cut

* Foss.in/2007 the first short list is out! Look at Debian-Ubuntu Project Day and be there. Apart from Debian, I am talking about OO.o Dictionary for Indic languages.

Some updates..

* Long time, no see! Well, I am busy with ‘real’ life 🙂 Kavin is fine and growing like increasing number of Linux users 😉

* Firefox (ah, IceWeasel!) team is coming to Mumbai (See ILUG-BOM website/mailing list for more details), as a contributor to Gujarati Localization, I got this cool Tshirt.

* Installed Debian ‘Etch’ on my office machine! Earlier, I was responsible for installing Ubuntu here 🙂

It took around 20 minutes for fresh install (1st CD). I would love if we can fit OO.o in first CD! Everything went fine. Smooth migration from Thunderbird mail box to IceDove. And, I love this cool sw seahorse.

GNUnify 2007: Day 2

* It was really good event! We had nice dinner at Pool Side. Interaction with other speakers and students was great and everyone enjoyed it! 2nd day started with talk of Alolita Sharma’s talk on “OpenSource is hip not hype: Top trends to watch in 2007” and after that there was wonderful talk of Dr. Louis on “Managing OpenSource Project”! I liked his style and the way of talking (without slides).

* My and Ubuntu Fiesty RoadMap talk of Mattew was at same time 😦 The good thing was that only genuine interested people was there in talk and it was the best talk from side 🙂 You can download the slides from here: PDF and ODP.

* LFY was given free at desk (with Ubuntu ‘edgy’ CD instead of OpenSuse 10.2!) wow! I am still waiting for payment of my last article of Sep 2006!! So, I hate LFY now! SICSR people gave speakers a nice clock 🙂 (Can be use at NightLamp)

* Don’t forget to visit: http://goodbye-microsoft.com/

* I hate white-ants! They ate my 6 books 😦

Debian Session at MM

* MM (Monday Meeting) is place where people get chance to share their knowledge about anything in our Office. I took session about My favorite Debian GNU/Linux session. I had to re-prepared my session due to ‘bug’ in my usb-stick 😦 But, it went well at the end. ODP format of this session can be download from here. I have created special page for Debian on my blog too 🙂

It works!

* I got OO.o working on my Debian64! But, it is not really working. It is crashing frequently! Only OOImpress seems to work some reasonably. I know that this has to happen. My porting experience is about to start!

* But, got confused with ‘gnome-panel’ today. I think this is the worst ever piece of software written in entire Gnome. Now, situation is like following.
1. I tried to add ‘Mixer applet’ to panel
2. It refuse to add it, says some config file was missing! and shows me question dialog which is blank! and didn’t responde. When I tried to cancel it, it shows ‘Force Quit’ dialog and reappear again!
3. I removed .gnome2*, .gconf* and .nautilus* – It didn’t helped!
4. Reinstalled gnome-panel – Same result 😦

Unfortunately, I wasn unable to take screenshot, I will try and post it tommorrow.

* My card reader is working superb along with all these problems. It works much better than Windows.

Python on my mobile..

* I was finding my old article on LFY, and I came across nice article about Python on Nokia 6600, I was amazed to see that and in few minutes Python was running in my mobile! Wow..

* This is the best resource page I have ever seen. There is #pys60 channel on irc.freenode.org too! I will put some screenshot after gaining some experience on it..

* I had seesion on ‘Linux Community’ in Office.. I used s5 for that. And I was inspired to make it due to lack of AMD64 OpenOffice.org build on my machine 😦

We got Office 2xxx!

* I am looking at recent advertisement by M$ in famous Gujarati magazine about Office suite, Instant Messenger in Gujarati Language. The ancient dinosaurus are nice and perfect and it says, “We got Office 2xxx, Is it ok?”, Other says, “Not close enough!”. Are they talking about OpenOffice.org and Gaim? If yes, they are right!

* I am uploading some “selected” pictures here. The quality is not so good as it was taken by mobile cam.

lost and found

* My Voter ID Card was missing since November 2004 and I found it today! I just asked it to mom and she told me that it is lying in our main cupboard! Oh! Moral of Story: Before doing googling, ask your buddy if S/He has already solution!

* This is cool: WhatIs

* OO.o need your help in this Locale Data Audit. Look at OO.o locale data and CLDR locale data, find out what is differences and ask on dev [at] l10n dot openoffice dot org!


* Just finished OpenOffice.org Gujarati GSI file with updated 2.0.1 translation. Need to upload it somewhere (mostly on gu.openoffice.org)

* I was trying Pbuilder. But, connection was so nasty that it stopped in between and my all download went to /dev/null and i was helpless! Time for another connection? I don’t know how much MB from 500MB is used till date and how they will bill me for that? God Knows (or sometime even god doesn’t know how ISP is charging..)

* Waiting for any possibility of 31st party 🙂

Nice quotes from OO.o mailing list!

“Imagine you met a remarkable person who could look at the sun or stars at any time of day or night and state the exact time and date: “It’s April 23, 1401, 2:36AM and 12 seconds.” This person would be an amazing “Imagine you met a remarkable person who could look at the sun or stars at any time of day or night and state the exact time and date: “It’s April 23, 1401, 2:36AM and 12 seconds.” This person would be an amazing time teller, and we’d probably revere that person for the ability to tell time. But wouldn’t that person be even more amazing if, instead of telling the time, he or she built a clock that could tell the time forever, even after he or she was dead and gone.”

– James C. Collins and Jerry I. Porras,
Chapter 2: “Clock Building, Not Time Telling”, Built to Last

* I got above nice quotes from OO.o mailing list (I think raul quoted this while talking about some tutorials/hack of OO.o)

* Gujarati Language has finished NLP (New Language Process) of Debian-Installer. I will start the work for Level1.

* Get OO.o 2.0 from here! It is same as rc3, btw.

Debian GNU/Linux Bible or Geeta?

I should say it is The Geeta for me now! I am very much thankful to Jaldhar Vyas. He sent me his book Debian 3.1 GNU/Linux Bible today from US! My mom and brother was amazed to see his biography in book!

Good news for Gujarati l10n:
1. I have stared #gujarati channel on irc.freenode.org
2. Ankit just finished l10m of gimp, gaim and xchat 2! and he is going for GNU softwares. If you want to like to join this noble effort, see this.
3. I started debian-installer work for Gujarati language!