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Debian Session at MM

* MM (Monday Meeting) is place where people get chance to share their knowledge about anything in our Office. I took session about My favorite Debian GNU/Linux session. I had to re-prepared my session due to ‘bug’ in my usb-stick 😦 But, it went well at the end. ODP format of this session can be download from here. I have created special page for Debian on my blog too 🙂


* I lost my ID card tonight while coming back to home and got immediate call on my Brother-In-Law’s telephone no (Comapny rule!) that I have lost it and someone near station is waiting for me. I rushed there (station) and found that one old man is waiting for me. He asked me some question from the fact on card and gave it to me! Well, when I asked his name, he said “God”! Thanks to who you are, uncle!

Strange Sound Issues

* I was struggling to get audio/sound on Ubuntu Dapper 6.06 with Intel’s sound card snd-hda-intel and all efforts went to /dev/null. Since, we were using pam_mysql as authentication system, there wasn’t any ‘real’ user in any server (except root!). Idea came to my very very dirty mind and nirav added all people to audio group (generally with uid=29) and its done! Problem is solved! Now, I need to get microphone working (by) tomorrow.

* I am happy that people have already started using Asterisk in talking with clients and all, they actually recording conferences and chatting to show trainees and new people – how to talk with clients!

You don’t exist, go away!

* While playing with uid/gid using pam_mysql, team member did mistake and result was amazing when I opened terminal,

I have no name!@utkarshls:~$ ssh root@
You don’t exist, go away!

new office!

* We are now at New Office! Well, I (along with Nirav and System team members) was there from last two nights to get new systems up and running! I have learned a lot in these days and my plan is to set up wiki (or added it to Ubuntu wiki pages) for that. Pictures will be there in my Gallery soon.


* We may now go with mysql_pam instead of ldap as authentication. But, yet we need to compare both in various tests like speed, ease of management and most important – security. Thanks to Mitul for pointing out this idea!

* I did first call to home from Asterisk! Sound was clear!!

Asterisk Softphone

* After 2 days hard work, Me and Nirav got Asterisk working at office but, we are still confuse about which Softphone should be used. We tried Ekiga, Twinkle, Xlite but, Ekiga still has difficult interface and Linux only. Twinkle is only for Linux and difficult to use too. Xlite works fine with Linux but frequently crashes on Nirav’s MacBook.

Any more choices?

* We are also going to combine Asterisk with LDAP.


* Currently playing with OpenLDAP. I have same problem like this. Since, LDAP+Samba gives user access to all machine so that any user with valid login and password can enter any system and can do some ‘unwanted’ stuff. I want that LDAP only allow user from particular group to login particular machines.

* It was really fun to play with vi, when I booted system with rescue mode and vi was not accepting Aero keys to move cursor up-down-left-right!

* Now, doubt is clear about when and where RMS is coming.


* I gave session on subversion aka svn at office for  MM (Monday Meeting). More practical plus depth will be covered for new trainees. We are going to implement it for all teams! People were amazed with ‘svn blame‘ and ‘svn log‘ command 😉

The book is also amazing

Magnet Cup 2006

* My sports were limited to only Frozen Bubble, Same Gnome, Quake III and DooM III till now. We had nice ‘Magnet (Cricket) Cup 2006’! There was several challenges in organizing it. The sports committee tried hard to find out Good Ground! In mumbai, it is very difficult to get good ground to play. But, we found out nearby and we had fun! I played two match and scored none! Whooh! See my flckr gallary for some pictures, specially this.

* Liferea is good RSS feed reader. Now, I am using it at both /home and office! It comes with nice exaple feed list too!

Liferea Feed Reader

Python on my mobile..

* I was finding my old article on LFY, and I came across nice article about Python on Nokia 6600, I was amazed to see that and in few minutes Python was running in my mobile! Wow..

* This is the best resource page I have ever seen. There is #pys60 channel on irc.freenode.org too! I will put some screenshot after gaining some experience on it..

* I had seesion on ‘Linux Community’ in Office.. I used s5 for that. And I was inspired to make it due to lack of AMD64 OpenOffice.org build on my machine 😦