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Two weekends and between them

* I’ll be at Mumbai (aka BOM) on next two weekends. Between that I’ll be free to work on whatever I want while watching TV or movie. i.e. dear Ks are away for 5 days.

24-25 Apr and 1-2 May. Beer signing? Key party? LUG Meet? Anyone?

My secret plans at Mumbai are:
+ Get some hardware for new ‘upcoming’ PC at Lemington Road,
+ Get some books from CBS,
+ Get Reliance super-duper high-speed Internet dongle working with Debian, write small how-to for that. Repeat that with super awesome Tata Photon.
+ Meet friends there!
+ Return back with tons of mangoes.

[VAC] 26th March – 4th April

* We (3Ks) will be at Mumbai from tomorrow till 4th April.

Initially, I adjusted my vacation (& paid leaves ;)) along with 3rd Indic Developers Meet – but somehow it is not going to happen within this timeframe – So, I have big vacation where I have nothing to do apart from spending time with family, watching TV and reading unfinished wishlist books. I will check mails once or twice in a day, will hack something at night, will do KDE Gujarati work – but, can’t upload packages on slow connection there (or may be I can?). Feel free to do NMU – at moment, nothing seems serious in my packages (yep, speech-tools need to fix! Thank God, Kumar is there to take care :P)

C ya, soon!

My heart is burning..

* It is almost over. But, my heart is burning..

/home sweet /home

* Just feeling so good at /home. I reached home (Mumbai) after 18 hours of road travel by bus. Funny thing was that my son refused to recognized me 😉 He has become so naughty too.

Fixing my system which wasn’t updated from last 3 months at moment!

Santacruz in Kandivali

* While waiting for Kushal to wake up and get ready for office, I tried to organize my flickr pics and found this map:

Looks like Yahoo people needs someone from Mumbai 😉


* On Saturday night, while watching some horror movie, I got SMS of Anurag (and Pradeepto already invited me/us on IRC!) that we are meeting Kishore tomorrow. Wanna come? It was undecided until 10:30 am, and suddenly, I took bath. Camera was ready. And, I reached and found dudes after some try.

Chicken Salad

Kishor looking for nice pose of outsiders

* It was ‘Pizzeteria’ in front of ‘Hotel Ambassador’. Good Pizza. Roshan and me were veggie, others (Kishore, Anurag, Pradeepto) were only non-veggie! And, we talked lots of things. Mostly about upcoming events like Foss.in and Feb’s Freed.in.

* We then walked to Chopati for having ‘Green Mirchi Ice Cream’, Kishore discovered this during his early visit to Mumbai and we were not knowing this wonderful stuff even being Mumbaikars!

The Dudes


* Again, we had nice discussion and nice photography on ‘Pradeepto’ 😉 And then ‘Orange Ginger’ and then ‘Orange Juice’.

Kishore, we will love to meet you again 😛

Barcamp Mumbai 2

* Don’t know if I am able to be there. But, I liked the logo.

Out of Mumbai..

* I will be Out-Of-Station till Monday! Going to represent exhibition in which Utkarsh will take part and it will be great chance to get some real user inputs to improve the quality of translation and CD! The exhibition will be at Ambaji, North Gujarat – Which is famous religious place in Gujarat and whole India.

* Had a back pain last night. Hardly sleept 3/4 hours 😦 I felt more because my Office’s HDD starts to show strange I/O Errors and Inittab file was corrupt! It just asked in which runlevel you want to enter! LOL!

* When *BSD v/s Linux war will finish? We should note that Linux is alone and there is *BSD 🙂