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2 Months, 1 Day

.. I have not seen my son.

.. I have not done any shopping (other than some junk food and beer).

.. I have not watch any movie in theater.

.. I have not stop thinking about ‘BLR Sucks’.

Smart spams ;)

* They know what I wanted or want. Before marriage, it was spams regarding some pills 😉 and nowadays it is about lottery or prize of $50,000,00.00 (Note: they care about cents!). or some lonely son/daughter of former dictator of some unknown African country.


3 years

* I just realized that I have completed 3 years in Magnet on 10th May. I have seen people coming, staying and living like they were never been part of team!

/me thanks himself for keeping faith 🙂

Microsoft at LA’07

* I was thinking to attend currently on-going Linux Asia 2007 event before I saw that Microsoft is ‘Interoperability Partner’! Now, I am still thinking what the hell is Interoperability? Can any one let me know? I see clearly that its Money things! Looking at speakers list only Philip (I heard that he is not going!), Dr. Louis, Zaheda Bhorat and Divya Prakash are Only worth attending! Good thing is that ILUG-D is not going to participate this event 🙂

GNUnify 2007: Day 1

* I am in Font Workshop and currently learning basics of Font Technology and writing this post 🙂 Well, event is going good and I am (We are) enjoying it! We were somewhat late so, I missed Mayank‘s talk 😦 and then attended Priti’s talk on ‘Festival Speech Demo’. I didn’t know that priti is such good speaker! After that I went to attend Arun’s talk, he did really good job! His and Vijay’s talk was parallal, so, I missed Vijay’s OpenLazlo magic!!

Lunch was good 🙂

* I need to keep some money in bank! Thanks to Koki for managing trouble and I have no word for her quick action of adding money to my poor bank account 🙂 Click here to donate me!