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Fixing Macbook: Part 1

* Dear Lazyweb,

I have Macbook (Late 2008) model running Debian Sid + Mac OS X (sigh!) and I’m facing nice issues which prevents me to full use of disk. They’re:

1. CD-ROM drive doesn’t work. So, if I want to upgrade to ‘Snow Leopard’ or anything else, there is no other way.

2. Disk is 160 GB, I want to upgrade to better disk (say with better speed, capacity). Is there any way to clone entire disk (with partition preserved) and use it? Remember: I don’t have CD-ROM

3. Is there any way to wipe-out Mac OS X and running Debian with hardware acceleration? I’ve noticed that if you single boot Debian, it lacks Video acceleration.

Any pointers towards above 3 is appreciate. I’ll hostname my computer if you help me to fix this 😉

6 Months with Mac

* Inspired by Lior’s post, here is my 6 month adventure with Mac OS X.

Since, I have dual-boot with Debian on my Macbook, and it works perfect; there are only 6 hours for Mac for me at work. Still, I can use ‘Free and Open Source’ softwares as much as possible 🙂









Frozen Bubble


Nope. Still, I am use Mail and iPhoto/Photo Booth. Shame on me, but will move to alternatives soon!

Note to potential Linux developers who want to buy macbook: Don’t buy it. You can get better performance and don’t have to fix things and you can spend that much time in other useful work!

What happened next?

* Can you imagine? What happened next?

I think Honeymoon is over..

* I am using Mac OS X at work from last two months. Nice OS with feel of Linux is with you as you can do ssh with same feeling (Btw, I have Debian on same laptop, which is for my night hackings). I was impressed by Mac applications and its look-and-feel, but from some days, following kind of messages are frequent.

and this is LOL:

Debian Lenny on Macbook

* Not much tweak needed for installation, except following lines before installing LILO:

chroot /target aptitude install refit
/target/sbin/gptsync /dev/sda

Now weekend is for other things to make them work by reading long Debian on Macbook Wiki page.

Misc Life Updates

* Personal:

– I am almost settled after one month at Ahmedabad and now early looking for new rented house (ie home), 1 or 2BHK.

– Kavin got minor electric shock while playing with switch and socket. Fortunately, my wife was holding him and doctor told that there is nothing to worry. He is `difficult` to handle and long examination of my fatherhood will start soon when they will be here at Ahmedabad.

– Work is going great. I have very good team now!

* Debian:

– Sandro Tosi will be co-maintainer or probably take over sitecopy package from me and will put it under collab-maint repository. Since, I mentioned that I am bit busy with settling down here and it will not be great if such useful package requires time to fix bugs with patches available already.

– D-I translation of Level 1 and 2 for Gujarati language are again 100%. Hunting Level 3 now.

– I am not still able to install Debian properly on my macbook! Only useful source for this is, http://wiki.debian.org/MacBook Any other pointers/docs will be 🙂

Wait is not yet over!

* As I mentioned in my previous wait() post. I was waiting for laptop from reseller, thats done and my Macbook (White, 2GB RAM, 160 GB HDD etc) finally arrived! Yay!! Spent some time in getting familiar with Mac OS and reading docs for installing Debian on Macbook. I started installation today but due to removal of lilo from Lenny, it was halted 😦 Now, trying again with some more bravery 😉

And, I am also waiting for FD to wake up from 2 months of AM report. No big issues in it though..