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I'm going to conf.kde.in

Yes. And, I’m talking about “Localization” in ‘Localization foo’ talk.

Speaker list is awesome. See you there!

* List of talks: http://kde.in/conf/talks/
* Delegate registration: http://kde.in/conf/register/

In case, you’re in Ahmedabad or near by (and college student!) , I’ve awesome posters to put into your college notice board to let your friends and spread the word. Ping me that case.

apt-get install moksha!

* No, we don’t have ‘moksha‘ packaged yet.

Sometime ago, Nirav forwarded me query regarding Utkarsh (my project where our goal was to provide complete Gujarati interface in OS) who got CD long time back but facing some issue. Last week, I decided to help and finish this pending task and went to place we decided. It was small laptop (ie EEE PC) for guru of group called, OM Parivar. I installed Ubuntu and customized it for Gujarati interface and required software.

Second time, I went to Guruji’s place for small training and I was wondering how fast man of 82 years can learn! He was very happy to see me helping and so I’m converting more person to Linux. I also explained why I’m using Linux and we even discussed about some Free Software philosophy.

Next time: Keep Debian Installer with USB boot handy 😉

Indic Developers Meet 2009

* I reach Pune yesterday, had nice dinner with Gora, Ramky, Shantanu, Karaunakar, Both Raviji and Chacha Chaudhari 🙂 Beer before and after dinner gave me awesome feeling during dream too!

Met ankit/kushal and l10n folks after long time!

Currently enjoying interesting session on Indic OCR using Tesseract by Debayan. Entire schedule is here.

* Wiki Updates:
Development Track: http://www.indlinux.org/wiki/index.php/Development_track
Localization Track: http://www.indlinux.org/wiki/index.php/Localisation_track

KDE In Poster

* Keeping tradition of cool posters, KDE India team has come with set of awesome posters again. Pradeepto announced here and here and I loved this for obvious reason!

Sarai FLOSS Fellowships

* I am selected for KDE Gujarati Localization (and related workshops on translation usability and some work on internationalization) for Sarai FLOSS Fellowships, 2008.

And, I am amazed to see number of projects (5 KDE proposals!). We will surly see more supported languages and participation to KDE this year.

Thank you, Sarai!

[And Special Thanks To Gora!]

What happened to my blog?

* Its pretty dead now. I should have understand that there is no things like Free hosting. Thanks to all who supported and bear my variable blog URL. This is now STABLE and FINAL.

* News: I have done nothing much in Debian except regular maintenance of my packages. Regarding KDE-Gujarati localization, I just got commit access! Thanks to kool KDE-In team and specially to aacid and nicolas for solving my dumb queries.

* Once again, I am going to Ahemdabad, and this time 2Ks are with me!!

* My tooth is almost fine now except I have to visit Dentist daily. The root canal surgery is done and it wasn’t that much scary as I had some myth about it. I need to take picture of my beautiful teeth and upload it to flickr yet 😛

KDE-gu is ~there~

* Thanks to Albert (aacid) for committing first Gujarati (gu) translation file for KDE. Time for hard and quick work now! Also, feel free to join me!!

* I am at Ahemdabad for at least week from today. If LUG here is alive then, there is plan for a meet, but before that I need to fix bugs in my teeth

The first step..

* .. towards KDE + Gujarati. Release announcement in Gujarati for KDE 4.0 is there! Thanks to kde-in team for encouragement and follow-ups with lazy /me.


* One of the best ever event Freed.in is over (although, some people are enjoying at Manali right now!). I came back on last night.

* I reached Delhi on Thursday night. Grepping JNU was easy due to pre-paid taxi from airport. Got my room at Aravali Hostel and found none of the known person at first site. Oldmonk’s reply to my call, ‘where are you?’ was hilarious one. Finally, I found Karunakar and we enjoyed ‘Maggie’ at 12 AM.

* Both days were entirely full of fun. I talked about ‘Debian-IN‘ project. Unfortunately, my talk got last place on schedule (I think due to track allocation etc) and so, number of people was less. The fun thing was that whole #linux-india channel (almost, except famous Lap_64) was there. And channel was so quite during 2 days..

* With very limited time in our hand, we (me and tuxmaniac) visited Qutub Minar, India Gate and famous Delhi Metro (by traveling to/from random station!). Flickr photos are up.

Firefox world tour and GLug meet

* Yesterday, we had meeting with Mozilla guys, Chris and Seth at HBCSE. I was touch with Seth from some days and made this announcement on ILUG-Bom mailing list. Nirav was backbone behind this meet. 42 people did RSVP for meet.

* I reached there at around 9.30 AM, Ankit was already there and he came long way from Pune (and paid 500/- from Thane to HBCSE too!), we met after 2 years and I felt great after seeing him – our l10n hero. We chatted while, ate ‘Idali’ and Chris and Seth was there at 10 AM. Perfect. But, there was only 6 people. We waited till 11 and setup tshirts on stage, projector etc. People were coming like they are coming in marriage!

* I gave 1 minute welcome speech. Seth started talk at 11 AM. People grab Tshirts, Pins, Mouse pads (wow!) and cool stickers. Chris joined presentation to talk about how Mozilla evolve. We had nice discussion and question/answers too. Lunch was good. We had presentations from different people, including Ankit’s step-by-step procedure to start new language process for localization in Mozilla-* packages.

* Krishnakant Mane showed us, how Firefox is capable with accessibility. I also thanks him here for Gnome-orca package (I did ITP after his demonstration in Dec ’06 Lug meet). Siji showed some issues and its solution with printing. Dr. Nagarjuna presented ‘gnowledge’ extension for Firefox. Shantanu also gave demo on transliteration extension for Indian languages.

* Somehow, Official lug meet didn’t happen. Speaker was missing! I seated together with other IRCers of #linux-india in canteen and we talked about various things. It was real fun to hear Pradeepto after long time. BG came too late (too late to have nice stickers!) 😉

* I officially hate Mumbai traffic, now. Many thanks to people who did RSVP and didn’t appear.

Some updates..

* Long time, no see! Well, I am busy with ‘real’ life 🙂 Kavin is fine and growing like increasing number of Linux users 😉

* Firefox (ah, IceWeasel!) team is coming to Mumbai (See ILUG-BOM website/mailing list for more details), as a contributor to Gujarati Localization, I got this cool Tshirt.

* Installed Debian ‘Etch’ on my office machine! Earlier, I was responsible for installing Ubuntu here 🙂

It took around 20 minutes for fresh install (1st CD). I would love if we can fit OO.o in first CD! Everything went fine. Smooth migration from Thunderbird mail box to IceDove. And, I love this cool sw seahorse.