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[Life] Relocation and running

* In case you’re not watching my twitter (and other social medias), I’ve moved to none other than – Bangalore. I’m  working with credativ. So, hello all DDs there!

* On running front, I’m back to track from today. Planning to run Bangalore Ultra 50K next month and then Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) in January 2013. BLR Ultra registration should be done in next 1-2 days.

* It is challenging to stay along after four and half years of staying with family (and out of it 3 years of working from home!). I hope to move them here as soon as some things are fixed and start enjoying ‘real’ life.


* Life: As usual.

* Debian: Lots of stuffs going on. We’ve yet another ‘MiniDebConf’ edition, this time at Mangalore. (Not really, it is at: NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte) And, yes, we’ve some nice international guests this time. (Ah, hello, bubulle!). I’ve booked ticket etc. even I’m heading there during Diwali time, I hope that it will be more fun than usual crackers + sweets etc this time!

gwibber still sucks.

* There is nothing apart from Life, Debian that needs update. Aye. Aye.

The year

* I mean that last damn 2009 was not so good but yeah, that is life! Promising readers to give more posts like 140 chars in coming year! 😉


* This really deserve more than ‘twit’, so I am putting it here as NEWS.

We selected nearby no-nonsense, no-hype, no-big-fees kind of school running in somewhat 4 BHK kind of bungalow in residential area. He is in ‘Playgroup’ where primary motive is to interact with others, to learn by monkey business and to learn some good (hopefully) stuffs. I was glad that he did not cried while going to school, but we had to drag him to home and he cried a lot 😛

Current school timings are 9.30 AM to 11.30 AM, so I must help K and need to wake up early in the morning and probably stop (or reduce) useless hacking till late night.

However, I’m kind of down due to RCT, Stomach issues and now some pain in shoulder – but still alive to write this.


* I have started breaking commitments so often. It really hurts when you do it often and I am very depressed by myself at moment.

But, good things in life so far:

+ My new digital photoframe has arrived. Thanks to Chintan for it.

+ We have started to make some furniture for home (ie my longterm pending thing: Computer Table!)

+ Kavin is becoming so smart, he has started speaking some random words and identify and duplicate things I do (no, not Debian packaging yet!)

+ My macbook has 4 GB RAM now. The incident is here (Sorry, its in Gujarati only!).

A Perfect Day!

* Nice atmosphere after rain of couple of days, but I am feeling so sleepy!


… are good!

* Place: Ahmedabad

* Hair Color: Light Burgundy

* Vehicle: Bicycle (upcoming soon)

* ayttm new upstream version available! Debian package is on the way soon..

* Current mood: Happy!

[VAC] Till I get Debian machine!

* I have no longer pure Debian machine access available to me for unknown time 😦 So, obviously, I will not able to update my packages (most packages need no update and migrated into testing already, some are waiting for sponsor to uploads). All are under LowThresholdNmu. Feel free to do NMU without asking me, if RC/RG bug appears 🙂 I will have IRC/Mail etc access though.

Enjoy Madi!

Meanwhile, I am enjoying beer, movies, learning Python and finishing readinglong pending books.

Today’s fortune

* From world’s favorite time pass, Orkut: You have a strong desire for a home and your family comes first.

* On Debian front since Sunday, I updated chmlib (Thanks meebey for reporting and pabs for quick upload) fixing horrible bug due to my overlook in debian/copyright (#479649) and uploaded new release of libyahoo2 0.7.6 to mentors.

* And yes, I am bit sick from last 2/3 days. Stomach is bad 😦

News: Not for me..

* I just removed all local and international news feed from Akregator feed list. They are not for me. Local news channels are full of IPL news only and international are useless for me. Also, deleted some useless feeds like my own blogs feeds etc.

* In other news, I went to my first visit of any BLR mall today. Met Harsh at lunch and had good time and talk in Gujarati in Real Life. Feeling very very good. We went to some foo places for his PG accommodation too. And, me and Kushal went to yet another nearby mall, Garuda. Pretty nice and good eye-stoppers there. And got a book, ‘The Emperor’s New Mind by Roger Penrose‘.

* Some time life worth to call it good.


* Up late at 11 am. Chewed some mails and feeds. Searched for ATM nearby. Nothing found, Lunch ended up biscuits and dosa/idali.

* Noon nap. Built kdelibs first time (2nd try, still going on). Built latest LDTP and uploaded to mentors. Waiting for dinner. Called Ks and home at eve.