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Debian Bug Reporting and More For Dummies

* It looks like people don’t know how and when to report bugs to Debian BTS. Following are some steps for them:

1. Fire terminal, type ‘reportbug’. Follow instructions. Use ‘reportbug-ng’ if needed! If you are not comfortable with terminal, firing a mail to ‘submit@bugs.d.o’ with proper subject is fine. Look at example of any bugs. Its very easy.

2. If you are using ‘Sid’. Don’t forget to report bug when they are encounters.

3. File a bug, rather than crying about maintainer not responding and blah blah.

4. While updating system to Lenny, Keep such documents handy.

5. Ask 🙂


* Lenny is the future now!

Lenny on Kavin's Hand Now ;)

Best gift for Valentine’s Day

* Debian Lenny can be one of best gift to your love one on Valentine’s Day!

Quotes of the day

* At early morning…

Wife: Kartik, you are late again for office.

Me: Nope, I am just becoming Lenny.

Wife: !!

Debian Lenny on Macbook

* Not much tweak needed for installation, except following lines before installing LILO:

chroot /target aptitude install refit
/target/sbin/gptsync /dev/sda

Now weekend is for other things to make them work by reading long Debian on Macbook Wiki page.


* For those who don’t know, Lenny is frozen now and knocking on release doors (We can sing ‘Come September’ song).

Wait is not yet over!

* As I mentioned in my previous wait() post. I was waiting for laptop from reseller, thats done and my Macbook (White, 2GB RAM, 160 GB HDD etc) finally arrived! Yay!! Spent some time in getting familiar with Mac OS and reading docs for installing Debian on Macbook. I started installation today but due to removal of lilo from Lenny, it was halted 😦 Now, trying again with some more bravery 😉

And, I am also waiting for FD to wake up from 2 months of AM report. No big issues in it though..