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Some RFH

* I’m looking for some ‘more’ co-maintainer(s) for 2 packages:


2. Gwibber

Both has ‘New upstream releases’ available. This Gwibber 2 thingy is becoming headache to package. May be someday – I should put it to experimental but people says that it is highly broken (atleast at this moment) to even have it there. LDTP has very nice upstream but having active co-maintainer is good idea. LDTPv2 is completely re-written and has very nice, co-operative upstream. Putting packages on collab-maint or somewhere is also good idea but I left it to potential new co-maintainer at moment 😉


* Up late at 11 am. Chewed some mails and feeds. Searched for ATM nearby. Nothing found, Lunch ended up biscuits and dosa/idali.

* Noon nap. Built kdelibs first time (2nd try, still going on). Built latest LDTP and uploaded to mentors. Waiting for dinner. Called Ks and home at eve.

ldtp 0.9.0, ayttm 0.5.0+10

* LDTP (aka Linux Desktop Testing Project) has released 0.9.0. Download it. Debian packages will be there soon (temporary at mentors).

* Ayttm 0.5.0+10 is in Debian too! I have changed upstream minor version from -10 to +10 to avoid confusion with Debian revision number. Thanks to mones for upload and tips.

* Late but, we submitted joint proposal for Project Days at Foss.in for ‘Debian and Ubuntu‘. I hope that it will be accepted and we will have great time/fun. Thanks to Teknofreak, Soumyadip  and others for help in drafting proposal.

LDTP Tutorial

* LDTP (aka Linux Desktop Testing Project) has published nice tutorial in PDF format. You can get it here till my ldtp-doc package is in NEW (Package has odt format only). Currently, package can be found on usual mentors repository.


* I Did ITP for ldtp-doc yesterday. And the great thing is that nags changed its licence from GFDL to LGPL, making things easy for Debian packaging for me (& world). Thanks nags for that. I have not seen such co-operative upstream yet!! LDTP-doc will contain html documentation for LDTP (Linux Desktop Testing Project) package.

at home and 1 year!

* I was back home on Friday noon. I knew that lots of work is in TODO list in this short & sweet visit. Went to Office to fix some issues (webmail’s access and meeting people was main reason!).
* Paid two bills.
* Fixed FTBFS for LDTP. New version is also in incoming right now!
* And yes, Yesterday (18th) was my Marriage Anniversary! Thanks to K! I know that I should go to bed right now else I will miss my train today 🙂

At Ahmedabad..

* Things are going slow & smooth here. Except, I was too much shocked by death of my grandmother at Palanpur. I have already written about this at my Gujarati blog.

* LDTP, Festival-* already entered in unstable and I need to fix why it is throwing ‘dh_pysupport -a commad not found error’ in all architechtures.

* No connectivity. Hope that this will resolve soon 😦

A bit down

* I wasn’t feeling good from last 3 days. Lost 2 days at work also 😦 But, things looks fine now.

* Good news is that LDTP package is in New queue now! Thanks to Nags for answering my all dumb questions 🙂 and sponsor Daniel. And bad news is that I need to refine gnome-orca as ‘big chunk of its data are in usr/share’ which is not recommended situation for architecture dependent package, as it can be wastage of size and build-time for buildd. Mario suggest me to split the package in two parts: gnome-orca-comman (which will be ‘all’) and gnome-orca (‘any’)!