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New laptop or how to teach tech to anyone? Part 1

* So, we got new laptop last week.

The entire plan was to introduce my wife into ‘tech world’ or atleast in ‘Debian’ and/or ‘OpenSouce’ world. I visited home for one of this and other personal reason(s) [Expect next post on this!]. My wife reported her first bug (installation-report, with help from me) which was closed by mighty bubulle! I handed over couple of freely available Python books and we started with codecademy‘s Python track. So far, things are good, but being really non-tech person, I’m currently working as ‘support system’ for her.

I’ve used KDE as desktop. Machine runs on latest kernel from experimental due to issues with hardware mentioned here. I was not able to explain IRC in much depth, so we’re using non-free methods like Google Talk for communicating and reporting.

Wish us luck! 🙂 I’ll report Part 2 when things will be enough to report the progress.

More uninteresting updates!

* Gwibber in experimental. Expect: 2.31.93-1 by tonight.

+ It is still slow. In short, it sucks at moment. Report bugs to upstream. Any improvement for Debian packaging (I moved it to pysupport (Thanks to Filip Chabik)

* Life sucks. Why?

+ Festival time. I’ve developed allergy to noise.
+ 31++ today. Still not much sign of getting wiser. And, no gift to me from myself.
+ Laptop is becoming pain now. 4GB is not enough!


* I have started breaking commitments so often. It really hurts when you do it often and I am very depressed by myself at moment.

But, good things in life so far:

+ My new digital photoframe has arrived. Thanks to Chintan for it.

+ We have started to make some furniture for home (ie my longterm pending thing: Computer Table!)

+ Kavin is becoming so smart, he has started speaking some random words and identify and duplicate things I do (no, not Debian packaging yet!)

+ My macbook has 4 GB RAM now. The incident is here (Sorry, its in Gujarati only!).

Wait is not yet over!

* As I mentioned in my previous wait() post. I was waiting for laptop from reseller, thats done and my Macbook (White, 2GB RAM, 160 GB HDD etc) finally arrived! Yay!! Spent some time in getting familiar with Mac OS and reading docs for installing Debian on Macbook. I started installation today but due to removal of lilo from Lenny, it was halted 😦 Now, trying again with some more bravery 😉

And, I am also waiting for FD to wake up from 2 months of AM report. No big issues in it though..


* We all know that ‘Good things come to those who waits’. But, I am not in mood for that today.

– Laptop, Dealer is saying (%$#^@@#) that it will come in `half hour` since last one week.

– Rented home, People are just playing with words and has no value of time.

– Bike, I am not finding nice model 😦

Thankfully, Firefox3 Party Pack is just arrived as scheduled on time from UPS.com. Their package tracking system aka PTS rocks! And got new sports shoes, even I know that I am not going to use it for running.

.. and I got RC Bug!

* #410703 Long pending. Help is required. Unfortunately, before I act on it, severity was raised to ‘grave’. See bug logs for more details.

Patches are most welcome from Developers (I was told to not ask patches from users. Thanks!)

And, I still don’t have Debian machine. The option is to get al-cheapo ASUS eee PC quickly to start whatever Debian work I can do or my dream is to wait and have Macbook 😛


* Initial life at any place is not easy. Away from /home, missing 2Ks, dealing with Uncertainty Principle daily and almost 2/3 km walking is making not so good effect. My body is adjusting with good amount of rice and rice products – I love that!!

* Work is great till now (I mean I have done almost 0 work!). Installed Sid on my laptop. No issues till so far.

ASUS Eee Laptop

* Laptop running Linux is yet dream for me! ASUS launched Eee laptop and PC and it is perfect for people like me 😛 And it can be hacked to do anything. Its fun!

Reason to use laptop in train

* .. because its too cold, and fortunately my laptop heats so much. Sometime bad things are good for life