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What do you need to live?

* What else you need??

1. Family:

K with K


2. Debian:


3. And Friends (and gifts!!)


* Thanks to all F R I E N D S for ^^^ I am amazed!

The Tooth Story

* Ah, with my corrupt tooth, we have good news regarding tooth too! Kavin is getting his first tooth! Yay. Hope, I will able to take picture of it.

Looking back at year..

* It has been really good (and bad) year for us. I managed to achieve 60% of my wish list in 2007 and yes, Kavin is our great achievement of the year 😉 I was almost 1/2 year away from home and looks like that 2008 will be almost same for first quarter 😦

* We had great new year party at office. K and Kavin also enjoyed some moments! The best part was movie The school of Rock. Event management was very well done (TM of our HR :)).

* Not going to outside for any party. Listening: Us and Them (Pink Floyd) and trying to fix dupload issue(s) with my damn slow connection.

[VAC] 17 Dec – 27 Dec

* [VAC] I will not able to do any Debian work except answering mails/bug reports during 17th Dec to 27th Dec. Please do NMU if anything is critical in packages. But consult, co-maintainers 🙂 I am heading to Ahmedabad today night around 8 O’ Clock [/VAC]. Well, its for Office work, so no {VAC} indeed 😛

* This means, I will miss Kavin. He has 1/2 year birthday today!!


* Debian:

– Create pkg-festival at alioth, New ‘long pending’ upstream release for Festival/Speech-tools

Xosview 1.8.3, Ayttm 0.5.0-6 (Yeah, its GTK2 Port is out!!)


– Debian@Foss.in/2007

– T&S II

* “Real life”:

– Kavin@home

– As above

– As above



* Rain rain go away,  Little Kavin wants to play..

Some updates..

* Long time, no see! Well, I am busy with ‘real’ life 🙂 Kavin is fine and growing like increasing number of Linux users 😉

* Firefox (ah, IceWeasel!) team is coming to Mumbai (See ILUG-BOM website/mailing list for more details), as a contributor to Gujarati Localization, I got this cool Tshirt.

* Installed Debian ‘Etch’ on my office machine! Earlier, I was responsible for installing Ubuntu here 🙂

It took around 20 minutes for fresh install (1st CD). I would love if we can fit OO.o in first CD! Everything went fine. Smooth migration from Thunderbird mail box to IceDove. And, I love this cool sw seahorse.