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Updates: Life and more…

* It is same old life, apart from:

+ Guitar is going good. Learning first thing apart from computer in life 😉

+ Learning C++ and openFrameworks for helping friend for project. More details later..

* Packages:

+ I’ve uploaded Gwibber 2 after waiting for ages to experimental now. Now, OAuth sucked life from all previous version of Gwibber – stable version will not have twitter working. I’m thinking what can be best solution for that.

+ Code::Blocks is with me now. I’m talking to upstream to do better things with license issues. It will not make to stable, but backport version is planned.

* Kavin:

+ Arr. He can reach to my any books, gadgets and even laptop.

Bunch of good news..

1. Kavin is of 3 today. Can’t forgot that awesome day 🙂
2. I’ve joined Nexenta Systems since last month..
3. Nexenta is going to sponsor DebConf10!

No. No DebConf for me this time. Wish me best luck for next time, please!


* Kavin’s school had “Bird Day” and we made him penguin. It was first attempt to learn stuffs are imposing to parents from school. I think overall we did good job. /me pats both Ks.


* This really deserve more than ‘twit’, so I am putting it here as NEWS.

We selected nearby no-nonsense, no-hype, no-big-fees kind of school running in somewhat 4 BHK kind of bungalow in residential area. He is in ‘Playgroup’ where primary motive is to interact with others, to learn by monkey business and to learn some good (hopefully) stuffs. I was glad that he did not cried while going to school, but we had to drag him to home and he cried a lot 😛

Current school timings are 9.30 AM to 11.30 AM, so I must help K and need to wake up early in the morning and probably stop (or reduce) useless hacking till late night.

However, I’m kind of down due to RCT, Stomach issues and now some pain in shoulder – but still alive to write this.


* I have started breaking commitments so often. It really hurts when you do it often and I am very depressed by myself at moment.

But, good things in life so far:

+ My new digital photoframe has arrived. Thanks to Chintan for it.

+ We have started to make some furniture for home (ie my longterm pending thing: Computer Table!)

+ Kavin is becoming so smart, he has started speaking some random words and identify and duplicate things I do (no, not Debian packaging yet!)

+ My macbook has 4 GB RAM now. The incident is here (Sorry, its in Gujarati only!).

Spot the missing part!

Spot the missing part

* Well, Credit goes to little Kavin!

What happened next?

* Can you imagine? What happened next?

Quick visit to Mumbai and more..

* I visited /home (ie Mumbai) for one day. And, found that,

1. Kavin got 2 new teeth to accompany his rabbit like teeth on upper side!

2. Kavin can now walk (run) without support.

3. My broken camera can give very good results when needed.

4. I can stay without Internet for entire day!

* Kavin and K will be here with me from next week, my hunt for home is still continue (hopefully, it will end this week).

* Good news: Cleared FD and DAM Approval stages, now only one step remaining to get complete Nirvana.

* I am bit upset about recent happenings in Gujarat and entire nation. Not writing much here, as My Gujarati blog is speaking better for such issues in my own language!

Happy (belated) Birthday to Kavin!

* Many many returns of the day to my dear Kavin, his birthday was on 16th and we had very small party too. Some pics are uploaded to my flickr and thanks to barkha for giving her digicam for capturing great moments.

Now back to Ahmedabad and waiting for rain to use my new umbrealla.

/home sweet /home

* Just feeling so good at /home. I reached home (Mumbai) after 18 hours of road travel by bus. Funny thing was that my son refused to recognized me 😉 He has become so naughty too.

Fixing my system which wasn’t updated from last 3 months at moment!


* Of fixing/NMUs 2 RG Bugs (Thanks Madcoder and Kumar!)

* Of this smile!

Kavin’s smile after he learn to stand!