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fonts-* migration

* We’ve now done with big transition of Indic fonts from ttf-* naming to fonts-*. Debian-IN-Workers team now maintains around 61 packages. We’ve also finished process of moving to Git from SVN along with this. Kudos to Vasudev, Muneeb and AbdulKarim for taking lead, help and pushing me hard for upload and testing. (31 packages upload on Sunday night = 62 times my GPG passphrase, not counting couple of wrong entries ;))

Wikipedia takes Ahmedabad

* This post is almost translation of my this post on Gujarati blog (with some corrections and additions etc). If you’re not interested in Wikipedia, move on.

So, as I mentioned here and here, Wikipedians in Ahmedabad planned event: Wikipedia Takes Ahmedabad. We gathered at Gandhi Ashram. Met Noopur again and some volunteers were already there at 8 AM. I never been to Ashram since long time. This place has something, you know it, folks! People started coming around 8.30 and we quickly divided them based upon their interests on 4 routes we already decided. Most of people went to old city’s route 1 and our route 2 had odd 6 (and 2 coordinaters) people only. Good. Less is always good.

Noopur and Anirudh gave introduction to wikipedia, creative commons license and some basic rules and todo. We then left for Swaminarayan Temple at Sahibaug. We asked for permission to take photographs and we got it after meeting main swamiji there along with nice sweets and he promised to send professional picture for wikipedia to use. We then left for Delhi Darwaja. Ahmedabad has numbers of old fort gates. We covered some of them and moved to Kalupur Railway Station. Palak and Chirag were caught by traffic police and we should take care of following rules from next time. Point noted for next photowalk.

We then left for Zulta Minar. This is well known for its carving and some myths associated with it. We discussed some points regarding uploading pictures, categories and left for Raipur Darwaja. This place is famous for Bhajiyas. We didn’t taste it but had again fun taking pictures, talking to police and had smile before we leave for home. Only bad thing I’ve got in this walk is that due to some or other reason my phone’s touch screen seems stopped working 😦 That’s another topic, but I couldn’t call Noopur/Anirudh for lunch etc due to that 🙂

You can view all uploaded pictures at: Categories: Ahmedabad 1

Most of Ahmedabad is covered due to event. Time to write articles?

Some Debian activity

* We’re doing heavy uploading and fixing in Debian-IN repository nowadays. Thanks to Vasudev for taking initiative on Git migration + various nice stuffs pending from long time.

* Gwibber is till mess. Help wanted as usual!

* And, MiniDebConf India at Pune is planned at Pune again. Unless, it is colliding heavily with my wife’s plan, I’ll be there as last time 🙂

Mailing list for Indian Debian Users

* Finally, as announced here. Thanks formorer!

Point your browser to, http://lists.debian.org/debian-dug-in/ subscribe and have fun!!

Report from MiniDebConf India 2010

* So, here is late report!

Sometime back Praveen started discussion at DebianIndia mailing list about having MiniDebConf kind of conference here in India. MiniDebConfs are generally focused on ‘development’ rather than at ‘introduction to Debian’. But, since this was our first attempt, out focus was more on to introduce Debian to student community and after writing this after 5 days – I realize that we’ve done good job!

Many thanks to Joerg Jaspert for setting up ‘Mini’ website: http://in2010.mini.debconf.org/

Praveen got bunch of sponsors, many thanks to CDAC and other sponsors for making event happen with testy food and tea that kept me awake.

Now what really happened at Pune?

My flight was nice. I went to guest house of COEP (the host college, 2nd old engineering college in India) and took some rest and called Praveen. He was already at computer lab and setting up Virtualbox and other things. We had two places – hall and lab. Unfortunately, both were at different buildings and subway between them 🙂 I discussed with couple of students and we went to dinner at late night. Pro. Abhijit – who was kindly give permission to use lab and college hall – was another source of energy. He is handling many FOSS events in college and probably only faculty who encourage students to use and learn FOSS.

The Day 1 started with long lines of registration process. As we had around 200 registration, turn out of students were 100% on first day. Hall was almost full. Dr. Shashikumar from CDAC gave nice lecture about ‘contribution’ which was well received. Praveen and Onkar then took the stage and gave nice introduction about Debian.

I met Onkar first time. We had really nice discussion ranging from becoming Ubuntu MOTU to his Powerbook’s adapter. After that Vikram took lively session on ‘i18n and l10n in Debian’ and I took boring session on ‘Contributing to Debian’. Yet another boring session from me was ‘Developer Toolbox’.

Packaging workshop by me at hall made many faces to yawn heavily while Onkar and Praveen handled it nicely at Lab. Main reason for yawning was Wifi and my Macbook’s capacity to deal with ndiswrapper and crappy broadcom’s drivers. (Note: I should get nice machine.)

I met Sham first time. I met Kushal once again and felt energetic again!

Day 2 – As we expected – number was very low compared to Day 1. So, we closed hall and moved entire stuffs to Lab only. Vikram took again nice session on ‘Debian Edu’. It was very interactive and I should learn something from his act of presentation.

Another nice thing from Day 2 was discussion with BOSS Linux team. Hold on. Lets keep some old woes aside. They are basically doing what their ‘bosses’ are telling. Developers were clueless about ‘Sending patches’ to upstream. Their bugzilla had ‘Zorro’ bug reported. I made promise to follow-up on this and set-up ‘patches from boss’ at somewhere depending upon their response. That mail is my draft – let me finish it by weekend. Pavi and others took video from session. It will be nice if someone will post it somewhere 🙂

We then continued on discussing ‘bugs’ and ‘packaging’ area. It was amazing to see ‘Praveen become DM’ during conference and also to see: upstream, maintainer and sponsor in one room.

I really had nice food at dinners. “Mango Mastani” was nice. Beer was nice. How can I forget discussion with Ramki, Ninad, Pro.Abhijit, Praveen, Pavi and others after dinner?

So – lets work for MiniDebConf 2011 now!

MiniDebConf in India

* Yes. $subject is true!!

We’re going to have Mini DebConf here in India. (You may call it Micro too!) If you’re not going to DebConf10 and/or nearby Pune, India (or even far!) – you’re most welcome! Many many thanks to Praveen for taking lead & organizing event. We plan to focus on getting <more> people into the Debian. Good thing is that many Ubuntu contributors will be there and that will probably bring both distribution much more closer! (Hello, Onkar!)

Many thanks to Nexenta for traveling support. And, since Sham is also attending – We can have MiniNexenta Meet also! Anil and Garrett are meeting on the other end of the world at the same time 🙂

Be there!!

Stay tuned at Wiki page for more update. My blogging frequency is not better nowadays..

DC 19 in India?

* My wife and kid (ie Kavin) went to Mumbai for enjoying Ganesh Utsav today. I came back home from station to home via AMTS (ah, that bought my 47 route memories of hostel days). During travel of that 15 minutes, I thought why Debconf can’t be in India? It can – May be DC 19 or 21? God knows – that is very long planning and I still have to be there at one Debconf 😛 But, but, as always – I am very optimistic.

I am looking for where in India it can happen.

Ahmedabad: Plenty of good venues, well connected, but in dry state – no alcohol ie no Cheese & Wine party! July/August is terrible weather for outsiders.
Bangalore: Very good connectivity (Internet/Reach), Venue is problem, Weather is good/ok.
Chennai: IITM. Probably, other venues? Debian is popular (I am only Indian DD, not connected to IITs). Weather?
Mumbai: Bad for organization of any event, costly – but IITB is plus point.
Pune: Weather seems good, good connectivity but no idea about venue(s).

Any other places?

Don’t shoot me, please 😛

Where to Vote?

* We know that its time of election going in world’s biggest democratic country, India. Last and third phase will be on 30th. I am not sure I will go to my dear Palanpur and vote. Oh, I may go and vote! and will wait for sane result this time.

KDE In Poster

* Keeping tradition of cool posters, KDE India team has come with set of awesome posters again. Pradeepto announced here and here and I loved this for obvious reason!

Fresh blood, Debian and India

* We need fresh blood! Yes. Like Lucas mentioned in his last post, along with Debian itself, many small teams and big teams are highly out-numbered and probably dying slowly. Currently, debian-in team has only two active members (jaldhar and if I count myself). We live on #indlinux at moment, which also leads to confusion about actual focus area of team.

So, here are some clear text messages:

– Debian-IN is team to work for ‘Indic’ packages as well as bringing new and fresh blood to Debian from India.

– Its not true that we only work for fonts, we have many other packages: aspell dictionaries and festival-* packages and so on. Update: QA Page for Debian-In-Workers. Thanks Runa.

– We aim to provide platform for upcoming DDs from India. Sadly, all DDs in India are highly isolated at moment.

– Hopefully, we will get #debian-in at oftc. Update: Recovered ‘dead’ channel now. Thanks to Ganneff and h0lger for help. Come and join us!!

Please note that we are considering developers only right now. We have already good numbers of users of Debian in India.