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One more K!

* No, not that kind of good news, but its building number of my new home 🙂 K-5 this time!

Quick visit to Mumbai and more..

* I visited /home (ie Mumbai) for one day. And, found that,

1. Kavin got 2 new teeth to accompany his rabbit like teeth on upper side!

2. Kavin can now walk (run) without support.

3. My broken camera can give very good results when needed.

4. I can stay without Internet for entire day!

* Kavin and K will be here with me from next week, my hunt for home is still continue (hopefully, it will end this week).

* Good news: Cleared FD and DAM Approval stages, now only one step remaining to get complete Nirvana.

* I am bit upset about recent happenings in Gujarat and entire nation. Not writing much here, as My Gujarati blog is speaking better for such issues in my own language!


* We all know that ‘Good things come to those who waits’. But, I am not in mood for that today.

– Laptop, Dealer is saying (%$#^@@#) that it will come in `half hour` since last one week.

– Rented home, People are just playing with words and has no value of time.

– Bike, I am not finding nice model 😦

Thankfully, Firefox3 Party Pack is just arrived as scheduled on time from UPS.com. Their package tracking system aka PTS rocks! And got new sports shoes, even I know that I am not going to use it for running.

/home sweet /home

* Just feeling so good at /home. I reached home (Mumbai) after 18 hours of road travel by bus. Funny thing was that my son refused to recognized me 😉 He has become so naughty too.

Fixing my system which wasn’t updated from last 3 months at moment!