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Managing Ideas

* What do you do for managing ideas..

– Any software?

– Sticky notes?

– Diary?

I always gets good (sometime even creative too) ideas during bath, loo or breakfast. And, from sometime, I started to maintain ‘Crazy Morning Ideas’ diary with me.

And these Google’ internal tools are also interesting..

Smart spams ;)

* They know what I wanted or want. Before marriage, it was spams regarding some pills 😉 and nowadays it is about lottery or prize of $50,000,00.00 (Note: they care about cents!). or some lonely son/daughter of former dictator of some unknown African country.



* From gmail webclip:


HackFest01: Lessons

* Lots of learnings! As I mention before, I tried to get festival-gu working with minimal hack of festival-te. I come to conclusion is it is now job of some what more attention and feedback from others regarding language specific stuffs. But, I also found that festival-te debian package also need to apply upstream patch(s) to work correctly. (see: bug: #404463). I also found solution of Kline to our IP from oftc.net’s IRC channels!

* I hardly sleep for 15 minutes in front of my lcd during event. Pizza was good and thanks to bigbazaar! Thanks to everyone for participation. We are planning to have next HackFest in starting of Feb. See also Nirav’s post about this.

Foss.in: Random thoughts..

* You can download slides of my talk from here. Well, it is not much useful, if you’ve already attended the talk.

* My favourite quotes from the event:
“Crazy thing happens in blue tants” — AfC
“The whole world is going stupid” — Tim Pritlove, CCC

* I am currently struggling with ‘Makefile’ patch issue with libyahoo2. I don’t why but my patch seems not working 😦

End of Internet!

* I reached a page where Internet has end! See below. You can get it by using Google reader and pressing next >> button even after last feed!

Google and Dilbert

Nice one: Google and Dilbert. Got from #debian-devel


* Google Summer Of Code is again in discussion! Debian is also taking part in it. And, yes, IndLiux is also there in possible queue. Suggest your ideas here!