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Waiting for this..

* I am waiting for some books..
1. Ubuntu Hacks
2. Debian System : Martin Krafft (Oh, Need to go Fort..)
3. Unicode Explained
Well, 2 is out in India. Rest will be here after some time.

* I was failed to get bluetooth working with Ubuntu Breezy and Nokia 6600. Even after following this good tutorial! So, I need multicard-reader!

Indic Meet Day 1 and 2

Indic Developer’s Meet is going on!

I came late by one hour here because of rain. Day 1 started with Karunakar and gora’s speech. After participant’s intro, there was brainstroming session to find out area of focus and deliverable of Indic Meet. Karunakar and Sunil Mohan gave brief idea about different input methods like xkb, IIIMF and SCIM. Gora introduced people with Aspell and problems related with it. Subir (Nepal) talked about Hunspell which can be used in OO.o. Wnorrix missed his Drupal session due to rain 😦

In Hacking session, Gora made Gujarati Dictionary using Gnome 2.10’s PO files and script that can make sorted word list out of PO file! Aspell has some problems that it can’t be used with OO.o. Karunakar and shyamindu made Hunspell for OO.o 1.1.x.

Day 2:
Day 2 was started with session of Locale Collation and CLDR and glibc things by Gora and Abhiji. Gora has done nice work for IndicSort script that can be very useful. Codeset conversions ideas are given by Sunil Mohan and Gora with inputs from other people. I took videos of Karunakar’s Indic Testing session and Shyamindu’s CVS and Patching sessions. Bhaskar gave talk about SVN. Me talked about OO.o ‘s PO file generation and updating to SDF. Vijay Kumar and Subir talked about build issues and about problems with OO.o l10n. Basanta showed how to use MozillaTranslator with Mozilla/Firefox l10n. Hacking session is going on. OO.o and Mozilla build is going there and I don’t know when it will be complete!


I got 3 new books –

1. Official Gnome Developer’s Guide
2. UNIX Programming Environment
3. C Programming Language

Thanks to Yunus, for bought it for me !