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* Sometime back, I came to know this little cool tool for previewing and comparing fonts. Did RFP–>ITP and then I came to know that it has one file gnome-specimen-about.svg under cc-by-sa license (Thanks to Torsten Werner for pointing out!). What to do?? I searched over packages and found that atleast one package is under similar license. So, I went ahead and submitted package (Was it brave step?). It took long time in NEW (due to license issue), but finally it got place. I contacted author (Wouter Bolsterlee) and told about this. A nice discussion followed. Tried Inkscape, no luck. And finally, 0.3.1 is with-out that cc-by-sa license!! You can get upstream tarball here.

/me 😛 (Debian package will hit soon!)

LDTP Tutorial

* LDTP (aka Linux Desktop Testing Project) has published nice tutorial in PDF format. You can get it here till my ldtp-doc package is in NEW (Package has odt format only). Currently, package can be found on usual mentors repository.

A bit down

* I wasn’t feeling good from last 3 days. Lost 2 days at work also 😦 But, things looks fine now.

* Good news is that LDTP package is in New queue now! Thanks to Nags for answering my all dumb questions 🙂 and sponsor Daniel. And bad news is that I need to refine gnome-orca as ‘big chunk of its data are in usr/share’ which is not recommended situation for architecture dependent package, as it can be wastage of size and build-time for buildd. Mario suggest me to split the package in two parts: gnome-orca-comman (which will be ‘all’) and gnome-orca (‘any’)!

libyahoo2 and gnome-orca on the way!

* Finally, libyahoo2 is on the way to Unstable and gnome-orca in the Experimental! Thanks to Daniel and Mario for uploads.

* I did ITP for festival-hi and festival-mr. Interesting thing was that Cydork (Vihag) made package and uploaded to mentors.d.n and I didn’t knew that. 😦 So, always do ITP before you start working on any package, else it will be misunderstanding!

HackFest01: Lessons

* Lots of learnings! As I mention before, I tried to get festival-gu working with minimal hack of festival-te. I come to conclusion is it is now job of some what more attention and feedback from others regarding language specific stuffs. But, I also found that festival-te debian package also need to apply upstream patch(s) to work correctly. (see: bug: #404463). I also found solution of Kline to our IP from oftc.net’s IRC channels!

* I hardly sleep for 15 minutes in front of my lcd during event. Pizza was good and thanks to bigbazaar! Thanks to everyone for participation. We are planning to have next HackFest in starting of Feb. See also Nirav’s post about this.

Python Packaging

* I have now 7 python packages (written in Python) in Debian (In etch, sid, new, incoming and ITP + 1 Intent to hijack!). Its great to do package Python stuffs. I love tepache, mpy-svn-stats and pyslide – as they are very helpful in daily work.

I also did ITP for gnome-orca. I just joined Ubuntu accessibility team (with very warm welcome!) and started to co-work with Ubuntu gnome-orca packager. I will focus more on this from coming weekend.

* Its PITA if ATM is not near your home or Office! I always have 2/3 rupees in pocket 🙂

LUG-Mumbai Meet December 2006

* So, finally LUG-Mumbai people met at HBCSE. I & Barkha was already late due to less frequency of Bus #367 and Sunday. I started my talk (debian packaging stuffs) around 4:30 and it took around 50 minutes to finish. Krishnakant Mane took good session on ‘Gnome Accessibility’ (gnome-orca, festival). I was amazed to see his zeal. And his way to work with computer even after being a visually disabled person. Salute to Krishnakant! Dinesh Shah’s car was there to make life easier towards home 😉 It was good meet!


* Istanbul is desktop session recorder and is tool which I wanted for years! It will record your session into an Ogg Theora video file. Great for to demo any program’s tutorial. I have recorded sample file, which can be found here.

Mumbai and Safety..

* As I wrote at there, I was in wrong dream that we all are Safe here. Today, I visited Polic Station first time in my life. Experience was good, co-operative staff and well-behaved persons there or may be I am seeing only surface of the system? Time will tell.

* Meessed up my Gnome! Currently, playing with Enlightenment

It works!

* I got OO.o working on my Debian64! But, it is not really working. It is crashing frequently! Only OOImpress seems to work some reasonably. I know that this has to happen. My porting experience is about to start!

* But, got confused with ‘gnome-panel’ today. I think this is the worst ever piece of software written in entire Gnome. Now, situation is like following.
1. I tried to add ‘Mixer applet’ to panel
2. It refuse to add it, says some config file was missing! and shows me question dialog which is blank! and didn’t responde. When I tried to cancel it, it shows ‘Force Quit’ dialog and reappear again!
3. I removed .gnome2*, .gconf* and .nautilus* – It didn’t helped!
4. Reinstalled gnome-panel – Same result 😦

Unfortunately, I wasn unable to take screenshot, I will try and post it tommorrow.

* My card reader is working superb along with all these problems. It works much better than Windows.

What’s new in 2.14?

* What’s new in Gnome 2.14? Take a look, here! 2.14 will come with some amazing features like deskbar and improved searching.

* Got nice and cheap 52-in-1 card reader! The first task after that, I did was to install ‘Frozen Bubble‘ on my N6600 mobile! Now, I can have my favourite OpenSource game at my desk anytime!

* #ubuntu-in is formed! Three cheers to bhaskar and gora for wonderful effort! If you are on IRC, jump to #ubuntu-in at irc.freenode.org 🙂