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I'm going to conf.kde.in

Yes. And, I’m talking about “Localization” in ‘Localization foo’ talk.

Speaker list is awesome. See you there!

* List of talks: http://kde.in/conf/talks/
* Delegate registration: http://kde.in/conf/register/

In case, you’re in Ahmedabad or near by (and college student!) , I’ve awesome posters to put into your college notice board to let your friends and spread the word. Ping me that case.

When I’m bored…

… I read debian-private mailing list.

And who has setup this image to the mighty list?

foss.in/2009: Report from lazy man

* Yes. I’m kicking myself for being lazy and not doing stuffs that I supposed to do before, during and after foss.in/2009. I had expected too much that never happened but something too good happened that I wasn’t able to imagine.

foss.in/2007 was my last foss.in visit where we had lots of fun. Really. But, along with that certain elements (ie Real Life) made it hard to let me enjoy that. Same happened during 2008. Pity. I missed KDE Song and what not..

But, this year – I determined and kicked myself several times. Real Life was kind of in happy mood. foss.in team helped me to figure out travel issues. So, I was all set.

All days were filled with fun, much better involvement (& RTFM) with Debian and then my small talk at KDE PoTD was surprise to me (and also to that Projector that never worked with my Macbook). I’ve made some cool friends – Ramkumar, Siddhesh, Shreyank, Rahul Sundaram and many more from Pai hotel discussion group!

For those who missed my stupid brown humor and PJs – next time. C ya at foss.in/2010!

And yes, I took only two pictures during entire conference. But, fossdotin flickr or picasa tag will say you what kind of fun we had.

Power of Debian

* It was simple wire..

* Aamod came and gave me couple of stickers, and I was amazed..

My Updated Geekcode

Version: 3.12
GCS d- s: a- C+++ UL++ P+ L+++ E- W+++ N+++ o– K- w–
O- M++ V- PS++ PE++ Y PGP+ t- 5 X++ R tv– b++++ DI++ D+
G+ e+++ h* r+++ y+

/me Artist

* Automatic when I recorded some sounds of Kavin’s strange language. Meanwhile, lazyweb can suggest me how to share it!

/me as artist

Spot the missing part!

Spot the missing part

* Well, Credit goes to little Kavin!

New Thread

* If someone is wondering about my silence..

New Thread

Book Meme

* From Kees and Jono,

  • Grab the nearest book.
  • Open it to page 56.
  • Find the fifth sentence.
  • Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
  • Don’t dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

My result:

“બાંયધરી (સ્ત્રી.) જામીનગીરી, ખોળાઘરી, હામી” — વ્યવહાર ઉપયોગી શબ્દકોષ (ભાષા નિયામક કચેરી, ગાંધીનગર).

(Book is Gujarati Dictionary:))

Linux adoption is growing..

* Auto-rickshaw in Ahmedabad: Powered by pollution free Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and Free Linux.

Tips: Travelling in BMTC

* Wake up early, catch bus in early morning. Avoid rush-hour traffic.

* If you can’t wake up early, you will have crowded bus, go inside with hard try and look for person who has next bus stop to get seat. You need to study hard to become master in this – if person is moving his/her bag, keeping mobile/pen/paper in pocket, go nearby and wait he/she stand up and grab the place!

* Make sure that you are not standing near door, crazy drivers shuts it suddenly and chance of injury is high.

* Do not seat on seats reserved for ladies 😛 (either marked red or written on it).

* Still, if you can’t find place, play ‘frozen-bubble’ or finish pending calls and wait for your stop!

And, yes. Don’t assume that ‘same bus number’ will reach you at ‘same place’. The bus number on BMTC is volatile. And, please don’t ask ‘How to travel at evening’, I have left it upon your luck!