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Private Email

* I had private email with God today..

SF and MS

* I got following while reading some SourceForge mailing list:

This SF.net email is sponsored by: Microsoft
Defy all challenges. Microsoft (R) Visual Studio 2008.

So, what to say?

Microsoft at LA’07

* I was thinking to attend currently on-going Linux Asia 2007 event before I saw that Microsoft is ‘Interoperability Partner’! Now, I am still thinking what the hell is Interoperability? Can any one let me know? I see clearly that its Money things! Looking at speakers list only Philip (I heard that he is not going!), Dr. Louis, Zaheda Bhorat and Divya Prakash are Only worth attending! Good thing is that ILUG-D is not going to participate this event 🙂

Festival-* Issue

* I did ITP for festival-hi and festival-mr after Priti Patil of CDAC gave ‘New Year Gift’ to Indic Community! Now, suddenly, I got message in IRC when I was at work. And rest is the story. And lesson: If you releasing your software under GPL or similar license, let people do whatever they want. Obey the rules of particular community. Act quick (atleast for ITP!). And keep the good work continue!

* Thanks to Sankarshan for taking care of issue. May be We will have festival-hi and festival-mr in New queue. Cheers!

* IRC log is available here for people who want to see the issue.

We got Office 2xxx!

* I am looking at recent advertisement by M$ in famous Gujarati magazine about Office suite, Instant Messenger in Gujarati Language. The ancient dinosaurus are nice and perfect and it says, “We got Office 2xxx, Is it ok?”, Other says, “Not close enough!”. Are they talking about OpenOffice.org and Gaim? If yes, they are right!

* I am uploading some “selected” pictures here. The quality is not so good as it was taken by mobile cam.

why I love firefox?

* The answer is simple! Tons of extensions and ease of use. Well, I was shocked by some crappy Linux users who are advertising closed source and so called free browser by putting banners and buttons in their blogs! Firefox has now (or I seen that yesterday!) adblock-plus extension.


* No mail in my Gmail account!

ILUG Meet with Mark Shuttleworth

* Sunday – A Nice Start. KDE 3.5 is running well now, after some help from Till@#foss.in. It was problem with putting ‘startkde’ script to /usr/share/xsession. Thanks Till!

* I got bus from my home to IITB directly. This route is short and it tooks only 50 minutes to be there. Prem met me and gave me ‘Test Driving Linux’ (Which is good book for starters). Thanks Prem.

* Mark came late but meanwhile Pro. Dipak Fatak gave some introduction about Project Eklavya. He also talked about some J-Factor and G-Factor, which was highly irrelevant to that meet, but we didn’t have any options 😦

* Here comes Mark! His talk was tried to interrupt by some silly questions from flame-thrower people (See ILUG-BOM mailing list archives, please) but, Mark was stable and nicely talked. We missed Space Tour experience but overall enjoyed the meet.

* Need to run for $home. K-factor this time!