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foss.in/2009: Report from lazy man

* Yes. I’m kicking myself for being lazy and not doing stuffs that I supposed to do before, during and after foss.in/2009. I had expected too much that never happened but something too good happened that I wasn’t able to imagine.

foss.in/2007 was my last foss.in visit where we had lots of fun. Really. But, along with that certain elements (ie Real Life) made it hard to let me enjoy that. Same happened during 2008. Pity. I missed KDE Song and what not..

But, this year – I determined and kicked myself several times. Real Life was kind of in happy mood. foss.in team helped me to figure out travel issues. So, I was all set.

All days were filled with fun, much better involvement (& RTFM) with Debian and then my small talk at KDE PoTD was surprise to me (and also to that Projector that never worked with my Macbook). I’ve made some cool friends – Ramkumar, Siddhesh, Shreyank, Rahul Sundaram and many more from Pai hotel discussion group!

For those who missed my stupid brown humor and PJs – next time. C ya at foss.in/2010!

And yes, I took only two pictures during entire conference. But, fossdotin flickr or picasa tag will say you what kind of fun we had.

Meeting with Kstar and Weekend

* Mistake happens in Life. I did it too, you may have done it in the past. There is no point of digging grave. Probably time to do some work to make sure that it will not happen again.

XKCD Tribute.

* Kstar (Akarsh Simha, GSoC candidate of KDE Project, Kstars) is in city (I mean his hometown!) enjoying his vacation, so I decided to meet him on Friday. I wanted to do it on Saturday but some other plan was there which indeed never happen and that is another story itself. Anyway, we met near MG Road/Brigade Road junction and went to Pizza Hut. Nice discussion of 2 hours, nice pizzas and finally mandatory click. We talked from Debian to FOSS culture in IITM (Note that IITM has 2 most active DDs from India!).

Me thinking? Kstar and Kart_

* So, my Saturday was totally wasted due to silly things. Dear Kushal was not there in town — so, none was there to annoy from me. I thought I was able to wash my all dirty clothes in the morning but, it was power cut! I waited till 12PM to bathe (Indeed, you can’t take bath without power as bathroom is too dark, and I fear cockroach too much).

Power went again around 6 PM and I went outside, wondered here and there, came back to home. Still no power. OMG, it came after 10.30 PM!

Yet another reason to hate this city, BLR.

News: Not for me..

* I just removed all local and international news feed from Akregator feed list. They are not for me. Local news channels are full of IPL news only and international are useless for me. Also, deleted some useless feeds like my own blogs feeds etc.

* In other news, I went to my first visit of any BLR mall today. Met Harsh at lunch and had good time and talk in Gujarati in Real Life. Feeling very very good. We went to some foo places for his PG accommodation too. And, me and Kushal went to yet another nearby mall, Garuda. Pretty nice and good eye-stoppers there. And got a book, ‘The Emperor’s New Mind by Roger Penrose‘.

* Some time life worth to call it good.

Barcamp Bangalore 6

* I will be there. Say ‘hi’ to me. Although, I officially hate Web2.x and startups discussions, I will be there to see ENV and IIMB and yes ofcourse some dear friends 🙂

Late report: fossmeet@NITC, Calicut

* With uncertainty principle playing in full form with me, I decided to go to Fossmeet@NITC. But, came to know that there is no bus tickets available! What to do? I called up dear tuxmaniac aka Aanjhan and he suggested me to go by taxi. wow. Pretty expensive it will be, I thought. What ever, we decided to go with burning (hip) pockets and the journey was terrible. I did such long travel (7 hours) in taxi after long time. Anyway, we reached at NITC around 6 AM.

The Keralian atmosphere was excellent and I felt similar humidity like Mumbai and that made me a bit sad. Ah. The event was already kicked off the day before and I attended Praveen’s talk on openid while figuring out that wifi is not working for us (proxy and they didn’t care to let us know password etc).

So, we headed towards lab and enjoyed some Internet while seating in ‘Foss for school children’ workshop. Lunch was ok, but I enjoyed talking with different people and it was nice talk with Ani Peter about current localization work from Redhat. These guys simply rocks! Got my conference tshirt before ‘Medium’ size is out-of-stock.

We were eagerly waiting for our dear Pradeepto, and voila, he came and started his talk! I was attending his talk first time (always missed due to some or other reasons..). Excellent and interactive. No slides. /me need to learn something from this fellow!

We were 100% tired at evening. So, first we changed to better ‘room’. Thanks to NITC co-coordinators who did quick action for this (Why we requested for changing room? Answer: The previous room had only one power-supply plug! and we want to do hacking at night!). We then headed towards ‘Malabar Palace’. Excellent South Indian food and beer.

The next day — I was suppose to give talk on ‘Contributing to Debian’ but by some magic, the talk was disappeared from schedule. Sad. Anyway, we (me, tuxmaniac and pradeepto) gave live talk on ‘How to contribute to free software’. We used SVN, Bugzilla, Wiki, SF.Net and other tools (IRC!) to show how students can use these in college projects and make it much better and how it can lead to Free Software development. I did svn commit for KDE Gujarati (Idea stoled from Rusty’s talk at Foss.in/2007).

We then decided to leave the place. The return trip was amazing. Pookat lake and Mysore Palace. Amazing places. We had nice dinner and Kamat Hotel and I bought one wood penguin too (Total number of Penguin toys=4, Now).

I learned that Calicut is also known as Kozikode 🙂

What do you need to live?

* What else you need??

1. Family:

K with K


2. Debian:


3. And Friends (and gifts!!)


* Thanks to all F R I E N D S for ^^^ I am amazed!


* Just say ‘Hi’ to me, if you are in BLR. I’ll be here 🙂 Even, after journey of 22 hours, I am very much fresh like lime soda. Work is not yet started, but getting into it. I have joined Comat, where very familiar guys – Jace, Parthan and Kushal rocks.

Thanks guys for warm welcome!


* On Saturday night, while watching some horror movie, I got SMS of Anurag (and Pradeepto already invited me/us on IRC!) that we are meeting Kishore tomorrow. Wanna come? It was undecided until 10:30 am, and suddenly, I took bath. Camera was ready. And, I reached and found dudes after some try.

Chicken Salad

Kishor looking for nice pose of outsiders

* It was ‘Pizzeteria’ in front of ‘Hotel Ambassador’. Good Pizza. Roshan and me were veggie, others (Kishore, Anurag, Pradeepto) were only non-veggie! And, we talked lots of things. Mostly about upcoming events like Foss.in and Feb’s Freed.in.

* We then walked to Chopati for having ‘Green Mirchi Ice Cream’, Kishore discovered this during his early visit to Mumbai and we were not knowing this wonderful stuff even being Mumbaikars!

The Dudes


* Again, we had nice discussion and nice photography on ‘Pradeepto’ 😉 And then ‘Orange Ginger’ and then ‘Orange Juice’.

Kishore, we will love to meet you again 😛

Ahmedabad Office Visit

* Even it was short notice, I got ticket (last ticket in Bhavanagar Express) luckily! Thanks to our receptionist Rochelle! Reached early in the morning on Friday and again it was headache to get rickshaw with meter working properly! I have to pay 50 Rs (Standard rate for any place for stranger ;)). We have got nice guest home at Ahmedabad. With warm welcome, my all usual weakness from traveling went away in seconds. Took some pictures from 8th floor. Buildings, Houses, Peacocks!

* Day started with meeting, thank God, it was really good meeting than our imagination from previous experiences. Fixed some technical issues. And then we went to our new office. Awesome furniture, spacious area and yes, very good connectivity 😛 Again, went to GVP and came back late evening. Ah, before that, Ashok helped me to book tickets for Freed.in! Again thanks to Rochelle and of course Ashok. You rocks man! We then visited Reliance Fresh near Vijay Char Rasta. Damn good (and cheap) vegetables and food things.

* Nirav came early in the morning. Had nice tea and breakfast. Office and GVP visits. Nice trip so far, except my wifi in laptop, didn’t worked. Came back in Shatabdi Express yesterday night.

* How can I forgot to say thanks to Komalbhabhi for nice food 🙂

Firefox world tour and GLug meet

* Yesterday, we had meeting with Mozilla guys, Chris and Seth at HBCSE. I was touch with Seth from some days and made this announcement on ILUG-Bom mailing list. Nirav was backbone behind this meet. 42 people did RSVP for meet.

* I reached there at around 9.30 AM, Ankit was already there and he came long way from Pune (and paid 500/- from Thane to HBCSE too!), we met after 2 years and I felt great after seeing him – our l10n hero. We chatted while, ate ‘Idali’ and Chris and Seth was there at 10 AM. Perfect. But, there was only 6 people. We waited till 11 and setup tshirts on stage, projector etc. People were coming like they are coming in marriage!

* I gave 1 minute welcome speech. Seth started talk at 11 AM. People grab Tshirts, Pins, Mouse pads (wow!) and cool stickers. Chris joined presentation to talk about how Mozilla evolve. We had nice discussion and question/answers too. Lunch was good. We had presentations from different people, including Ankit’s step-by-step procedure to start new language process for localization in Mozilla-* packages.

* Krishnakant Mane showed us, how Firefox is capable with accessibility. I also thanks him here for Gnome-orca package (I did ITP after his demonstration in Dec ’06 Lug meet). Siji showed some issues and its solution with printing. Dr. Nagarjuna presented ‘gnowledge’ extension for Firefox. Shantanu also gave demo on transliteration extension for Indian languages.

* Somehow, Official lug meet didn’t happen. Speaker was missing! I seated together with other IRCers of #linux-india in canteen and we talked about various things. It was real fun to hear Pradeepto after long time. BG came too late (too late to have nice stickers!) 😉

* I officially hate Mumbai traffic, now. Many thanks to people who did RSVP and didn’t appear.

New DigiCam

* Finally, I got my new digital camema Samsung DigiMax S700!. Now, my adventure in digital photography is about to start. Thanks Hiral & Atin for this!

Some cool/bad features:
+ 7.2 MP, 3x Optical Zoom, 5x Digital Zoom
+ Large 2.5″ LCD
– No Viewfinder, so battery eater!

* LDTP Package is fixed now.

* I forgot that it was Holi yesterday and couldn’t found any shop open in my native Palanpur. Meet Vinay/Anil/Manish in hurry and back by night bus. Well, bus was jam packed and I had to standup during the whole journey.