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Foss.in: Posters

* Cool. Amazing. Put all good words here <..>. Thanks to Kishore and Harikrishnan.

Debian Tshirts

* Sometime ago, I thought, we should have T-shirt for Debian Project Day. I asked Pradeepto and he literally dragged me in pool of thoughts and he started things that had very happy end. Thanks to everybody who contribute so far. The design will be simple Debian logo plus ‘debian/rules’ below it (as we are going to lower the cost!).

If you feel, if you can contribute in this, you have limited time! I should have blogged this earlier 😦

the first cut

* Foss.in/2007 the first short list is out! Look at Debian-Ubuntu Project Day and be there. Apart from Debian, I am talking about OO.o Dictionary for Indic languages.

Debian Project Day

* Dear all, submit your talk(s) for Debian/Ubuntu Project Day before 8th Oct :P. Still in doubt about anything? Let me know.