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MiniDebConf in India

* Yes. $subject is true!!

We’re going to have Mini DebConf here in India. (You may call it Micro too!) If you’re not going to DebConf10 and/or nearby Pune, India (or even far!) – you’re most welcome! Many many thanks to Praveen for taking lead & organizing event. We plan to focus on getting <more> people into the Debian. Good thing is that many Ubuntu contributors will be there and that will probably bring both distribution much more closer! (Hello, Onkar!)

Many thanks to Nexenta for traveling support. And, since Sham is also attending – We can have MiniNexenta Meet also! Anil and Garrett are meeting on the other end of the world at the same time 🙂

Be there!!

Stay tuned at Wiki page for more update. My blogging frequency is not better nowadays..

6 Months with Mac

* Inspired by Lior’s post, here is my 6 month adventure with Mac OS X.

Since, I have dual-boot with Debian on my Macbook, and it works perfect; there are only 6 hours for Mac for me at work. Still, I can use ‘Free and Open Source’ softwares as much as possible 🙂









Frozen Bubble


Nope. Still, I am use Mail and iPhoto/Photo Booth. Shame on me, but will move to alternatives soon!

Note to potential Linux developers who want to buy macbook: Don’t buy it. You can get better performance and don’t have to fix things and you can spend that much time in other useful work!


* Even nothing is certain at moment. Wish I could be there.