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NM Phishing Protection

* Madduck wrote the post Iceweasel/Firefox brings you the Windows experience So, I thought to try given sample link. And here is result!

NM Trap!

Firefox world tour and GLug meet

* Yesterday, we had meeting with Mozilla guys, Chris and Seth at HBCSE. I was touch with Seth from some days and made this announcement on ILUG-Bom mailing list. Nirav was backbone behind this meet. 42 people did RSVP for meet.

* I reached there at around 9.30 AM, Ankit was already there and he came long way from Pune (and paid 500/- from Thane to HBCSE too!), we met after 2 years and I felt great after seeing him – our l10n hero. We chatted while, ate ‘Idali’ and Chris and Seth was there at 10 AM. Perfect. But, there was only 6 people. We waited till 11 and setup tshirts on stage, projector etc. People were coming like they are coming in marriage!

* I gave 1 minute welcome speech. Seth started talk at 11 AM. People grab Tshirts, Pins, Mouse pads (wow!) and cool stickers. Chris joined presentation to talk about how Mozilla evolve. We had nice discussion and question/answers too. Lunch was good. We had presentations from different people, including Ankit’s step-by-step procedure to start new language process for localization in Mozilla-* packages.

* Krishnakant Mane showed us, how Firefox is capable with accessibility. I also thanks him here for Gnome-orca package (I did ITP after his demonstration in Dec ’06 Lug meet). Siji showed some issues and its solution with printing. Dr. Nagarjuna presented ‘gnowledge’ extension for Firefox. Shantanu also gave demo on transliteration extension for Indian languages.

* Somehow, Official lug meet didn’t happen. Speaker was missing! I seated together with other IRCers of #linux-india in canteen and we talked about various things. It was real fun to hear Pradeepto after long time. BG came too late (too late to have nice stickers!) 😉

* I officially hate Mumbai traffic, now. Many thanks to people who did RSVP and didn’t appear.

Some updates..

* Long time, no see! Well, I am busy with ‘real’ life 🙂 Kavin is fine and growing like increasing number of Linux users 😉

* Firefox (ah, IceWeasel!) team is coming to Mumbai (See ILUG-BOM website/mailing list for more details), as a contributor to Gujarati Localization, I got this cool Tshirt.

* Installed Debian ‘Etch’ on my office machine! Earlier, I was responsible for installing Ubuntu here 🙂

It took around 20 minutes for fresh install (1st CD). I would love if we can fit OO.o in first CD! Everything went fine. Smooth migration from Thunderbird mail box to IceDove. And, I love this cool sw seahorse.

Hack till now..

* You know that we have hackfest in Office. Nirav wrote about it.

* So, what we have hacked till now? We started with introduction, ideas, quake3, Pizza, movie, free hack session. I did some r&d on festival based on festival-te for Gujarati language. Telugu team did really great to work and it can be called hacking (specially to force Unicode work with festival). I also updated gnome-orca package based on feedback of Mario Lang (Accessibility Team). Finally, moved to Ubuntu edgy (some part was remaining..) at Office  (with chrooted Dapper!) and feel not much special except Firefox 2 and new graphics.
* Arun/Vinay took interview of Nirav (and me – most of the questions were N.A. to me!) and it was good exercise.

* People are feeling sleepy as Vishal is playing K-Series songs now.. :0

Step 2: Tickets booked!

* Foss.in/2006: Registration: Done!

* Ticket booked (along with K and nirav)! Via goair.in! But, don’t try to open it via Firefox and other opensource browser! You will not able to either select Destination (Only ‘Mumbai’ in Firefox) and click on Payment!

* Debian is renaming Firefox. Issues are with logo / trademark and patches made by Debian Developers.

why I love firefox?

* The answer is simple! Tons of extensions and ease of use. Well, I was shocked by some crappy Linux users who are advertising closed source and so called free browser by putting banners and buttons in their blogs! Firefox has now (or I seen that yesterday!) adblock-plus extension.


* No mail in my Gmail account!

Indic Meet Day 1 and 2

Indic Developer’s Meet is going on!

I came late by one hour here because of rain. Day 1 started with Karunakar and gora’s speech. After participant’s intro, there was brainstroming session to find out area of focus and deliverable of Indic Meet. Karunakar and Sunil Mohan gave brief idea about different input methods like xkb, IIIMF and SCIM. Gora introduced people with Aspell and problems related with it. Subir (Nepal) talked about Hunspell which can be used in OO.o. Wnorrix missed his Drupal session due to rain 😦

In Hacking session, Gora made Gujarati Dictionary using Gnome 2.10’s PO files and script that can make sorted word list out of PO file! Aspell has some problems that it can’t be used with OO.o. Karunakar and shyamindu made Hunspell for OO.o 1.1.x.

Day 2:
Day 2 was started with session of Locale Collation and CLDR and glibc things by Gora and Abhiji. Gora has done nice work for IndicSort script that can be very useful. Codeset conversions ideas are given by Sunil Mohan and Gora with inputs from other people. I took videos of Karunakar’s Indic Testing session and Shyamindu’s CVS and Patching sessions. Bhaskar gave talk about SVN. Me talked about OO.o ‘s PO file generation and updating to SDF. Vijay Kumar and Subir talked about build issues and about problems with OO.o l10n. Basanta showed how to use MozillaTranslator with Mozilla/Firefox l10n. Hacking session is going on. OO.o and Mozilla build is going there and I don’t know when it will be complete!

Mozilla / Firefox

Mozilla and Firefox has very odd file-system (.dtd and .properties format of XML) that’s may not be suitable for l10n people. There is a tool called ‘Mozilla Translator’ on sourforge but it’s in Java and seems not supporting Unicode. I need to fix this else I have to use moz2po and po2moz tools (Thanks to http://translate.sourceforge.net). l10n people should consider that browser is the most popular s/w right now and must give priority to it. Mozilla has good-easy to understable structure of installable package (xpi) that let you create them, extensions and your language pack. It has amazing collection of themes and extensions.