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Happy Diwali to all!

* I am wishing in well advance, because we are heading to my wife’ village, Vesa (or Vensa). I am not sure if my Tata Indicom USB Modem will work there (At last check, Tata Indicom has very good connectivity near my native, Palanpur – so in theory, it should!).

The festival story Or how to deal with dirty .diff.gz

* Once upon a time, I adopted ‘festival‘ and ‘speech-tools‘ packages. Updated it to my standard style of packaging (learned from different mentors) and fixed long pending bugs. I came to know that there is ‘New Upstream Version’ available from long time. Somehow, .diff.gz was so dirty that didn’t dare to touch it and apply and build the packages.

Then, Kumar came and handed over me a nice little script.

#!/usr/bin/awk -f
/^—/ {
name = $2;
sub(/^[^[\/]+\//, “”, name);
gsub(/\//, “_”, name);
if (name !~ /\.diff$/) {
name = name “.diff”;

print $0 >> name;

What it will do? gunzip your dirty .diff.gz and run it over .diff. It will split single .diff in multiple .diff s. You now need to merge or un-merge it manually (ah!). Dpatch can also converts .diff.gz in single patch (then you need to split it yourself! Correct me if I’m wrong!!)

We are now able to successfully packaged festival and speech-tools. Thanks a lot to Kumar for help, patient and tweaks! I am now quilt lover!

Package will be maintain using ‘collab-maint’ in near future. Ah, learning git for it!


* Debian:

– Create pkg-festival at alioth, New ‘long pending’ upstream release for Festival/Speech-tools

Xosview 1.8.3, Ayttm 0.5.0-6 (Yeah, its GTK2 Port is out!!)


– Debian@Foss.in/2007

– T&S II

* “Real life”:

– Kavin@home

– As above

– As above


At Ahmedabad..

* Things are going slow & smooth here. Except, I was too much shocked by death of my grandmother at Palanpur. I have already written about this at my Gujarati blog.

* LDTP, Festival-* already entered in unstable and I need to fix why it is throwing ‘dh_pysupport -a commad not found error’ in all architechtures.

* No connectivity. Hope that this will resolve soon 😦

GNUnify 2007: Day 1

* I am in Font Workshop and currently learning basics of Font Technology and writing this post 🙂 Well, event is going good and I am (We are) enjoying it! We were somewhat late so, I missed Mayank‘s talk 😦 and then attended Priti’s talk on ‘Festival Speech Demo’. I didn’t know that priti is such good speaker! After that I went to attend Arun’s talk, he did really good job! His and Vijay’s talk was parallal, so, I missed Vijay’s OpenLazlo magic!!

Lunch was good 🙂

* I need to keep some money in bank! Thanks to Koki for managing trouble and I have no word for her quick action of adding money to my poor bank account 🙂 Click here to donate me!

festival-* in New!

* Festival-* are in New! You can get them from here and here while they are making way into unstable. Test and listen the magic done by Janabharati/CDAC, Mumbai team.

* Currently busy with LDTP packaging. I am thinking to include good documentations from the web for possible LDTP-doc package. But, let me clear the license attach with it.

* GNUnify 2007 is there! If you are wondering where the website of the event hidden, here it is!

Festival-* Issue

* I did ITP for festival-hi and festival-mr after Priti Patil of CDAC gave ‘New Year Gift’ to Indic Community! Now, suddenly, I got message in IRC when I was at work. And rest is the story. And lesson: If you releasing your software under GPL or similar license, let people do whatever they want. Obey the rules of particular community. Act quick (atleast for ITP!). And keep the good work continue!

* Thanks to Sankarshan for taking care of issue. May be We will have festival-hi and festival-mr in New queue. Cheers!

* IRC log is available here for people who want to see the issue.

libyahoo2 and gnome-orca on the way!

* Finally, libyahoo2 is on the way to Unstable and gnome-orca in the Experimental! Thanks to Daniel and Mario for uploads.

* I did ITP for festival-hi and festival-mr. Interesting thing was that Cydork (Vihag) made package and uploaded to mentors.d.n and I didn’t knew that. 😦 So, always do ITP before you start working on any package, else it will be misunderstanding!

HackFest01: Lessons

* Lots of learnings! As I mention before, I tried to get festival-gu working with minimal hack of festival-te. I come to conclusion is it is now job of some what more attention and feedback from others regarding language specific stuffs. But, I also found that festival-te debian package also need to apply upstream patch(s) to work correctly. (see: bug: #404463). I also found solution of Kline to our IP from oftc.net’s IRC channels!

* I hardly sleep for 15 minutes in front of my lcd during event. Pizza was good and thanks to bigbazaar! Thanks to everyone for participation. We are planning to have next HackFest in starting of Feb. See also Nirav’s post about this.

Hack till now..

* You know that we have hackfest in Office. Nirav wrote about it.

* So, what we have hacked till now? We started with introduction, ideas, quake3, Pizza, movie, free hack session. I did some r&d on festival based on festival-te for Gujarati language. Telugu team did really great to work and it can be called hacking (specially to force Unicode work with festival). I also updated gnome-orca package based on feedback of Mario Lang (Accessibility Team). Finally, moved to Ubuntu edgy (some part was remaining..) at Office  (with chrooted Dapper!) and feel not much special except Firefox 2 and new graphics.
* Arun/Vinay took interview of Nirav (and me – most of the questions were N.A. to me!) and it was good exercise.

* People are feeling sleepy as Vishal is playing K-Series songs now.. :0