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[Life] Relocation and running

* In case you’re not watching my twitter (and other social medias), I’ve moved to none other than – Bangalore. I’m  working with credativ. So, hello all DDs there!

* On running front, I’m back to track from today. Planning to run Bangalore Ultra 50K next month and then Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) in January 2013. BLR Ultra registration should be done in next 1-2 days.

* It is challenging to stay along after four and half years of staying with family (and out of it 3 years of working from home!). I hope to move them here as soon as some things are fixed and start enjoying ‘real’ life.

What do you need to live?

* What else you need??

1. Family:

K with K


2. Debian:


3. And Friends (and gifts!!)


* Thanks to all F R I E N D S for ^^^ I am amazed!

The Tooth Story

* Ah, with my corrupt tooth, we have good news regarding tooth too! Kavin is getting his first tooth! Yay. Hope, I will able to take picture of it.