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foss.in/2008 event announcement

* If you have not read event announcement yet, Please go through this message. I have just applied (and granted) for leave for event.

C ya at foss.in/2008!

Lecture at RVCE

* I was called to take small session on Debian at RVCE (Rashtriya Vidhyalaya College of Engineering, Mysore Road, Bangalore). Me, Praveen and Srijit went there by somewhat long journey by changing two buses. The college building is awesome and faculty who arranged all day, Renuka Prasad is more awesome than that. Shyam was already there and he came down from Kerala to take session. Vikram Vincent was also there and he talked about translation of Kannada (I don’t understand why Kannada translation is so lagging behind as even I took inspiration of Kn-OO.o team!). Well, event was kicked off by Praveen with Google Summer of Code presentation. Meanwhile, I prepared slides 😉 My session was good (Ah!). And people were more interested in Compiz-Fusion on my laptop. I tried my best to show all cool things in Debian. We are planning to have one full day session on Debian+Localization+Kn Aspell Dictionary Sprint.

* I am optimistic for this college and yeah I missed ‘Welcome Lunch’ arranged for me by #linux-india freaks due to this event, but I don’t have any regret 😉

the first cut

* Foss.in/2007 the first short list is out! Look at Debian-Ubuntu Project Day and be there. Apart from Debian, I am talking about OO.o Dictionary for Indic languages.

Barcamp Mumbai 2

* Don’t know if I am able to be there. But, I liked the logo.

Debian Project Day

* Dear all, submit your talk(s) for Debian/Ubuntu Project Day before 8th Oct :P. Still in doubt about anything? Let me know.


* One of the best ever event Freed.in is over (although, some people are enjoying at Manali right now!). I came back on last night.

* I reached Delhi on Thursday night. Grepping JNU was easy due to pre-paid taxi from airport. Got my room at Aravali Hostel and found none of the known person at first site. Oldmonk’s reply to my call, ‘where are you?’ was hilarious one. Finally, I found Karunakar and we enjoyed ‘Maggie’ at 12 AM.

* Both days were entirely full of fun. I talked about ‘Debian-IN‘ project. Unfortunately, my talk got last place on schedule (I think due to track allocation etc) and so, number of people was less. The fun thing was that whole #linux-india channel (almost, except famous Lap_64) was there. And channel was so quite during 2 days..

* With very limited time in our hand, we (me and tuxmaniac) visited Qutub Minar, India Gate and famous Delhi Metro (by traveling to/from random station!). Flickr photos are up.

Ahmedabad Office Visit

* Even it was short notice, I got ticket (last ticket in Bhavanagar Express) luckily! Thanks to our receptionist Rochelle! Reached early in the morning on Friday and again it was headache to get rickshaw with meter working properly! I have to pay 50 Rs (Standard rate for any place for stranger ;)). We have got nice guest home at Ahmedabad. With warm welcome, my all usual weakness from traveling went away in seconds. Took some pictures from 8th floor. Buildings, Houses, Peacocks!

* Day started with meeting, thank God, it was really good meeting than our imagination from previous experiences. Fixed some technical issues. And then we went to our new office. Awesome furniture, spacious area and yes, very good connectivity 😛 Again, went to GVP and came back late evening. Ah, before that, Ashok helped me to book tickets for Freed.in! Again thanks to Rochelle and of course Ashok. You rocks man! We then visited Reliance Fresh near Vijay Char Rasta. Damn good (and cheap) vegetables and food things.

* Nirav came early in the morning. Had nice tea and breakfast. Office and GVP visits. Nice trip so far, except my wifi in laptop, didn’t worked. Came back in Shatabdi Express yesterday night.

* How can I forgot to say thanks to Komalbhabhi for nice food 🙂

Debian@Project Day, Foss.in/07

* Ah, We got place. See, this message for more details. And, yes, we need to work hard. This means more challenges, more 🙂

tuxjr14, jaldhar and pizza: lolcat version

* Arjun (tuxjr14, where are you??), Jaldhar and that Pizza 😛

tuxjr14, jaldhar and pizza: lolcat version

Foss Police: lolcat version

* Mighty Gora during Foss.in/2005. More are coming 😛

lolcat version

ldtp 0.9.0, ayttm 0.5.0+10

* LDTP (aka Linux Desktop Testing Project) has released 0.9.0. Download it. Debian packages will be there soon (temporary at mentors).

* Ayttm 0.5.0+10 is in Debian too! I have changed upstream minor version from -10 to +10 to avoid confusion with Debian revision number. Thanks to mones for upload and tips.

* Late but, we submitted joint proposal for Project Days at Foss.in for ‘Debian and Ubuntu‘. I hope that it will be accepted and we will have great time/fun. Thanks to Teknofreak, Soumyadip  and others for help in drafting proposal.