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Fixing Macbook: Part 1

* Dear Lazyweb,

I have Macbook (Late 2008) model running Debian Sid + Mac OS X (sigh!) and I’m facing nice issues which prevents me to full use of disk. They’re:

1. CD-ROM drive doesn’t work. So, if I want to upgrade to ‘Snow Leopard’ or anything else, there is no other way.

2. Disk is 160 GB, I want to upgrade to better disk (say with better speed, capacity). Is there any way to clone entire disk (with partition preserved) and use it? Remember: I don’t have CD-ROM

3. Is there any way to wipe-out Mac OS X and running Debian with hardware acceleration? I’ve noticed that if you single boot Debian, it lacks Video acceleration.

Any pointers towards above 3 is appreciate. I’ll hostname my computer if you help me to fix this 😉


* So, Debian 6.0 Squeeze is released! And, congratulations and thanks to all people involved. Lets have party now!

Mailing list for Indian Debian Users

* Finally, as announced here. Thanks formorer!

Point your browser to, http://lists.debian.org/debian-dug-in/ subscribe and have fun!!

More uninteresting updates!

* Gwibber in experimental. Expect: 2.31.93-1 by tonight.

+ It is still slow. In short, it sucks at moment. Report bugs to upstream. Any improvement for Debian packaging (I moved it to pysupport (Thanks to Filip Chabik)

* Life sucks. Why?

+ Festival time. I’ve developed allergy to noise.
+ 31++ today. Still not much sign of getting wiser. And, no gift to me from myself.
+ Laptop is becoming pain now. 4GB is not enough!

non-free (web) services

* I was thinking to move out of as many as non-free (FaiF) web services after reading mako’s this post and now zack wrote about it with good explanations and reasons.

What things I’m using? And its replacement:

– GMail [and related stuffs] – (I don’t own server/email setup, may be next year’s plan?)
– Facebook (Big question here – how will I keep touch with my wife?)
– LinkedIn (My profile there is crap, half baked. Can leave it without worry)
– Twitter (Identi.ca)
– Orkut (Already not using much)
– Github (Gitorious)

Thank God. WordPress is amazing and free. I can keep in touch with this amazing ‘blue pill’ virtual world with blog posts at least. Starting acting on the list from bottom-up. Lets see how far I can go.

Updates: Life and more…

* It is same old life, apart from:

+ Guitar is going good. Learning first thing apart from computer in life 😉

+ Learning C++ and openFrameworks for helping friend for project. More details later..

* Packages:

+ I’ve uploaded Gwibber 2 after waiting for ages to experimental now. Now, OAuth sucked life from all previous version of Gwibber – stable version will not have twitter working. I’m thinking what can be best solution for that.

+ Code::Blocks is with me now. I’m talking to upstream to do better things with license issues. It will not make to stable, but backport version is planned.

* Kavin:

+ Arr. He can reach to my any books, gadgets and even laptop.

Report from MiniDebConf India 2010

* So, here is late report!

Sometime back Praveen started discussion at DebianIndia mailing list about having MiniDebConf kind of conference here in India. MiniDebConfs are generally focused on ‘development’ rather than at ‘introduction to Debian’. But, since this was our first attempt, out focus was more on to introduce Debian to student community and after writing this after 5 days – I realize that we’ve done good job!

Many thanks to Joerg Jaspert for setting up ‘Mini’ website: http://in2010.mini.debconf.org/

Praveen got bunch of sponsors, many thanks to CDAC and other sponsors for making event happen with testy food and tea that kept me awake.

Now what really happened at Pune?

My flight was nice. I went to guest house of COEP (the host college, 2nd old engineering college in India) and took some rest and called Praveen. He was already at computer lab and setting up Virtualbox and other things. We had two places – hall and lab. Unfortunately, both were at different buildings and subway between them 🙂 I discussed with couple of students and we went to dinner at late night. Pro. Abhijit – who was kindly give permission to use lab and college hall – was another source of energy. He is handling many FOSS events in college and probably only faculty who encourage students to use and learn FOSS.

The Day 1 started with long lines of registration process. As we had around 200 registration, turn out of students were 100% on first day. Hall was almost full. Dr. Shashikumar from CDAC gave nice lecture about ‘contribution’ which was well received. Praveen and Onkar then took the stage and gave nice introduction about Debian.

I met Onkar first time. We had really nice discussion ranging from becoming Ubuntu MOTU to his Powerbook’s adapter. After that Vikram took lively session on ‘i18n and l10n in Debian’ and I took boring session on ‘Contributing to Debian’. Yet another boring session from me was ‘Developer Toolbox’.

Packaging workshop by me at hall made many faces to yawn heavily while Onkar and Praveen handled it nicely at Lab. Main reason for yawning was Wifi and my Macbook’s capacity to deal with ndiswrapper and crappy broadcom’s drivers. (Note: I should get nice machine.)

I met Sham first time. I met Kushal once again and felt energetic again!

Day 2 – As we expected – number was very low compared to Day 1. So, we closed hall and moved entire stuffs to Lab only. Vikram took again nice session on ‘Debian Edu’. It was very interactive and I should learn something from his act of presentation.

Another nice thing from Day 2 was discussion with BOSS Linux team. Hold on. Lets keep some old woes aside. They are basically doing what their ‘bosses’ are telling. Developers were clueless about ‘Sending patches’ to upstream. Their bugzilla had ‘Zorro’ bug reported. I made promise to follow-up on this and set-up ‘patches from boss’ at somewhere depending upon their response. That mail is my draft – let me finish it by weekend. Pavi and others took video from session. It will be nice if someone will post it somewhere 🙂

We then continued on discussing ‘bugs’ and ‘packaging’ area. It was amazing to see ‘Praveen become DM’ during conference and also to see: upstream, maintainer and sponsor in one room.

I really had nice food at dinners. “Mango Mastani” was nice. Beer was nice. How can I forget discussion with Ramki, Ninad, Pro.Abhijit, Praveen, Pavi and others after dinner?

So – lets work for MiniDebConf 2011 now!

Love to see gwibber 2 in Debian?

* Testing needed from more people. Feel free to break your working gwibber with, http://people.debian.org/~kartik/packages/gwibber/ and let me know at usual address.

Known issues:

+ Read README.Debian after installing package (Thanks to – Dionisio E Alonso (Baco))

+ Facebook updates seems broken and also pidgin integration.

+ Tray icon is missing (It use indicator now!)

+ Lots of hidden issues!!

Dionisio E Alonso (Baco)

MiniDebConf in India

* Yes. $subject is true!!

We’re going to have Mini DebConf here in India. (You may call it Micro too!) If you’re not going to DebConf10 and/or nearby Pune, India (or even far!) – you’re most welcome! Many many thanks to Praveen for taking lead & organizing event. We plan to focus on getting <more> people into the Debian. Good thing is that many Ubuntu contributors will be there and that will probably bring both distribution much more closer! (Hello, Onkar!)

Many thanks to Nexenta for traveling support. And, since Sham is also attending – We can have MiniNexenta Meet also! Anil and Garrett are meeting on the other end of the world at the same time 🙂

Be there!!

Stay tuned at Wiki page for more update. My blogging frequency is not better nowadays..

Bunch of good news..

1. Kavin is of 3 today. Can’t forgot that awesome day 🙂
2. I’ve joined Nexenta Systems since last month..
3. Nexenta is going to sponsor DebConf10!

No. No DebConf for me this time. Wish me best luck for next time, please!

lazy hosting for me

* After realize that I can book domain name with payment using Internet banking, I booked one. However, that hosting provider has crap schemes and I want:

a. Debian
b. Shell access
c. Payment using Internet banking from India (sorry – I has no Credit Card or intend to have one nearly).

Lazy lazy web – anyone?

Size doesn’t matter. I want ikiwiki and some static pages for random use.