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So, I’m here. It will take sometime to write about this, but this is to just reminder to myself that I exists on this blog too! 🙂

MiniDebConf in India

* Yes. $subject is true!!

We’re going to have Mini DebConf here in India. (You may call it Micro too!) If you’re not going to DebConf10 and/or nearby Pune, India (or even far!) – you’re most welcome! Many many thanks to Praveen for taking lead & organizing event. We plan to focus on getting <more> people into the Debian. Good thing is that many Ubuntu contributors will be there and that will probably bring both distribution much more closer! (Hello, Onkar!)

Many thanks to Nexenta for traveling support. And, since Sham is also attending – We can have MiniNexenta Meet also! Anil and Garrett are meeting on the other end of the world at the same time 🙂

Be there!!

Stay tuned at Wiki page for more update. My blogging frequency is not better nowadays..

Bunch of good news..

1. Kavin is of 3 today. Can’t forgot that awesome day 🙂
2. I’ve joined Nexenta Systems since last month..
3. Nexenta is going to sponsor DebConf10!

No. No DebConf for me this time. Wish me best luck for next time, please!

Debconf 10

* Unfortunately…

(with apologies to GIMP)

DC 19 in India?

* My wife and kid (ie Kavin) went to Mumbai for enjoying Ganesh Utsav today. I came back home from station to home via AMTS (ah, that bought my 47 route memories of hostel days). During travel of that 15 minutes, I thought why Debconf can’t be in India? It can – May be DC 19 or 21? God knows – that is very long planning and I still have to be there at one Debconf 😛 But, but, as always – I am very optimistic.

I am looking for where in India it can happen.

Ahmedabad: Plenty of good venues, well connected, but in dry state – no alcohol ie no Cheese & Wine party! July/August is terrible weather for outsiders.
Bangalore: Very good connectivity (Internet/Reach), Venue is problem, Weather is good/ok.
Chennai: IITM. Probably, other venues? Debian is popular (I am only Indian DD, not connected to IITs). Weather?
Mumbai: Bad for organization of any event, costly – but IITB is plus point.
Pune: Weather seems good, good connectivity but no idea about venue(s).

Any other places?

Don’t shoot me, please 😛