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How much time it will take to deliver tshirt?

* I happily ordered foss.in tshirt from hepfly.com. But, but, it was my mistake! I am wondering how much time it will take to deliver tshirt with-in India? Its already 15 + days..

And, no proper reply or update from their customer care.

PS: I got it on the day I post this! Nice quality 🙂

DND: Why it doesn’t work?

* Sometime back I got new connection of an Idea Prepaid Mobile. Now, from somedays I am getting too much spam kind of messages and pre-recorded messages (and that is during when I am taking sweet noon naps!). I first tried to call Customer Care 4444, It doesn’t contain even option to talk to customer care personal. I then tried their DND Webpage. Filled form, verified it by SMS and then I got message,

“Dear Subscriber,As per process your request cannot be executed.We regret the same. Incase you require any clarification please get in touch with Helpline.”

WTF. Where is helpline number.

Ok, I tried thier 1909 number which allows to START DND as control kind of command to activate DND. Result?

“Dear Customer, This is an invalid keyword. Please send ‘START DND’ to activate DND or ‘STOP DND’ to de-activate DND”

OMG, I swear, I sent START DND. Nothing else.

I will check with other option tomorrow. But, I am very annoyed and angry at moment..