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* Currently playing with OpenLDAP. I have same problem like this. Since, LDAP+Samba gives user access to all machine so that any user with valid login and password can enter any system and can do some ‘unwanted’ stuff. I want that LDAP only allow user from particular group to login particular machines.

* It was really fun to play with vi, when I booted system with rescue mode and vi was not accepting Aero keys to move cursor up-down-left-right!

* Now, doubt is clear about when and where RMS is coming.


* I gave session on subversion aka svn at office for  MM (Monday Meeting). More practical plus depth will be covered for new trainees. We are going to implement it for all teams! People were amazed with ‘svn blame‘ and ‘svn log‘ command 😉

The book is also amazing

How to become (fake) geek?

* Instead of opening several web-site at a time, popurls.com is serving better way! and I found this one today!

* It is almost sure that Mini DebConf will be done during Foss.in/2006. People interested in that can suggest me or Pravin what should we do there!


The news is here! This time there will be +1 member with me to enjoy the greatest FOSS event in India (or you can put Asia here.) I am planning to have good “Debian India” meeting along with participation from Ubuntu-IN community.

Ant Attack!

* My CPU Cabinet was attacked by Red Ants today morning. I opened cabinet and found that there are several Red Ants wandering freely on motherboard! Uhh! I removed them and clear the area by brush and cloth. The result is that I have to bear several bites and some pain on my hands and legs…

New HDD!

* Got new 80 GB HDD! Now, I can experiment more on my home machine! I am about to complete AMD64 build for OpenOffice.org after many failed tries. After getting it, my plan is to get in some Porting development (But, I need to sharpen my C++ skills before that!)

* Chnaged my Blog line from What કાર્તિક is doing to L0calized ગુજરાતી geeK. How does it sounds?

etch continue..

* In etch I was wounded by this bug, but fianlly get it from Unstable and did “dpkg -i”! Another same was with installing totem music player! I will add it later here..

* Interesting email signatures

* Come to know Planet Debian Administration: http://planet.debian-administration.org/

* Don’t forget to read this! Specially. when you are first time Debian user!

Upgrading to ‘etch’

* I was in very much Good mood of Upgrading to Debian ‘etch’ testing from many times. The reason was by default to get some what latest packgae and bit of stability than ‘unstable’. Well, a friend send me 2 DVDs of Official snapshot! and I was very much exited. In this exitment, I did two mistakes,

1. Didn’t take backup of my /home/kartik – Fortunately I have some backup (but 1 month _old_)
2. Didn’t take backup of my brother’s Songs!

And here come step of ‘Partitioning the Disk’ I choose ‘Manual Partition’ and yeah, it was showing single 80 GB harddisk! I was not even asked for ‘Write Changes to Disk’!! 😦

But, Anyway it is testing and I am enjoying Window$ less PC at both h0me and w0rk. My brother and Mom is waiting for their favourite things can be done in etch:
1. Word – PowerPoint – Excel : Hmm. I need to compile OO.o again for AMD64 – or have to use 32bit Chroot
2. Movies – Its ok. Can compile Mplayer and Totem+Codecs is there
3. Flash Player – This is still not there
4. Music – There..
5. Games – Hmmm. I am lucky that all at home are ‘Diwane’ of Frozen Bubble and Card games..

Final Word: Take care while installing ‘etch’ – I think there must be Bug or I may need to report for that..


* Ankit has created nice Keyboard Layout Creator aka KLC. See the announcement for it, where you can get more details about it. Make sure that you have looked at this nice demo too! I created Debian package for KLC. You can get the latest package and source (.diff and Orig.tar.gz) from here.

* Met with Prem. Had a nice lunch and he gave me another book “Stealing the Network”! Since, my network concepts is not so powerful, this will help me a lot. Thanks Prem!

Old Man and Great Work

We met Shri Ratilal Chandaria, who has done great work on Gujarati Dictionary and Spellcheckers. He is 82 year old man but with very young heart and mind. I was amazed to see him working with Apple Mac. I have seen persons with half age of him tired and retired, i must take some inspiration from him. Gujarati Dictionary can be found at : http://www.gujaratilexicon.com

Book Warms and Keyboard Bugs!

Yesterday, I went /home early because of shift change for one day and decided to clean up my books and magazines collection. I found that some books have little ‘bugs’ that made books yellow and too much wet that some books are going to not readable at all. It took 2 hours to clean and fix all things by ironing wet books. I also have to pack it in plastic cover 🙂 Generally, I don’t like that books are in cover and hidden!

And in morning, my keyboard stops working. I can’t login to my Debian System at all. (it needs password!)