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/home sweet /home

* Just feeling so good at /home. I reached home (Mumbai) after 18 hours of road travel by bus. Funny thing was that my son refused to recognized me 😉 He has become so naughty too.

Fixing my system which wasn’t updated from last 3 months at moment!

Tips: Travelling in BMTC

* Wake up early, catch bus in early morning. Avoid rush-hour traffic.

* If you can’t wake up early, you will have crowded bus, go inside with hard try and look for person who has next bus stop to get seat. You need to study hard to become master in this – if person is moving his/her bag, keeping mobile/pen/paper in pocket, go nearby and wait he/she stand up and grab the place!

* Make sure that you are not standing near door, crazy drivers shuts it suddenly and chance of injury is high.

* Do not seat on seats reserved for ladies 😛 (either marked red or written on it).

* Still, if you can’t find place, play ‘frozen-bubble’ or finish pending calls and wait for your stop!

And, yes. Don’t assume that ‘same bus number’ will reach you at ‘same place’. The bus number on BMTC is volatile. And, please don’t ask ‘How to travel at evening’, I have left it upon your luck!