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foss.in/2009: be there!

* What am going to do there?

1. Debian Workout: Where we are going to get some more ‘people’ hacking on Debian packaging. My focus will be on collaborative-maintainance, RC Bug Fixes, things we could not finished last year (I wasn’t there, but Kapil took the lead..). Kunal & friends are very much interested in fixing some things in `reportbug’ – so it will be fun.
2. Debian Development BOF: This is all about things we did in ‘talks’ in last years. BOF is better than ‘talk’. I’m going to re-prove it!

Foss.in/2009: Be there!

Reportbug has GUI Now!

* Sandro Tosi blogged about reportbug 4.o So, I decided to try it.

Reportbug First Screen

I was not able to see Desktop file for it and luckily found it inside Debian Menu (Why we need it, anyway?). It worked fine, fetched information about some bug and then I decided to go back – crash 😛 I am investigating it further during VAC or may be Sandro already knows about it 🙂

Debian Bug Reporting and More For Dummies

* It looks like people don’t know how and when to report bugs to Debian BTS. Following are some steps for them:

1. Fire terminal, type ‘reportbug’. Follow instructions. Use ‘reportbug-ng’ if needed! If you are not comfortable with terminal, firing a mail to ‘submit@bugs.d.o’ with proper subject is fine. Look at example of any bugs. Its very easy.

2. If you are using ‘Sid’. Don’t forget to report bug when they are encounters.

3. File a bug, rather than crying about maintainer not responding and blah blah.

4. While updating system to Lenny, Keep such documents handy.

5. Ask 🙂

.. and I got RC Bug!

* #410703 Long pending. Help is required. Unfortunately, before I act on it, severity was raised to ‘grave’. See bug logs for more details.

Patches are most welcome from Developers (I was told to not ask patches from users. Thanks!)

And, I still don’t have Debian machine. The option is to get al-cheapo ASUS eee PC quickly to start whatever Debian work I can do or my dream is to wait and have Macbook 😛

xosview bug hunting…

* One fine day (two days back), Michael Karcher reported two bugs with patches for xosview. I just asked him to take a look at other existing bugs if he has time, and you know, he looked over all bugs and sent 3 more patches.

Thanks Michael for your contribution!

I am now reading/learning more about famous tool Valgrind.

You can always look at xosview bugs here.

Today’s fortune

* From world’s favorite time pass, Orkut: You have a strong desire for a home and your family comes first.

* On Debian front since Sunday, I updated chmlib (Thanks meebey for reporting and pabs for quick upload) fixing horrible bug due to my overlook in debian/copyright (#479649) and uploaded new release of libyahoo2 0.7.6 to mentors.

* And yes, I am bit sick from last 2/3 days. Stomach is bad 😦


* Of fixing/NMUs 2 RG Bugs (Thanks Madcoder and Kumar!)

* Of this smile!

Kavin’s smile after he learn to stand!


* I started with my packages, ayttm, festival, sitecopy, tagtool and xosview. Some bugs were already fixed at upstream and forgotten and some was unreproducible. I am happy that submitters provided necessary information to keep my tempo high to really fix them.

* I reported small typo (missing ‘ in description) for package ‘debian-maintainers‘ at 11:38 AM, Joey replied and done it (actually it was fixed in NEW version) at 11:56 AM!