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Some updates..

* Long time, no see! Well, I am busy with ‘real’ life 🙂 Kavin is fine and growing like increasing number of Linux users 😉

* Firefox (ah, IceWeasel!) team is coming to Mumbai (See ILUG-BOM website/mailing list for more details), as a contributor to Gujarati Localization, I got this cool Tshirt.

* Installed Debian ‘Etch’ on my office machine! Earlier, I was responsible for installing Ubuntu here 🙂

It took around 20 minutes for fresh install (1st CD). I would love if we can fit OO.o in first CD! Everything went fine. Smooth migration from Thunderbird mail box to IceDove. And, I love this cool sw seahorse.

USB Drive

* I got new 4GB USB pen drive yesterday. While waiting for my piece at Lemington Road Shoppe, I remembered the day when 256 MB pen drive cost me 1250 INR. This 4GB (~3.8 GB actually!) cost me 1650 INR 🙂

* Baby is named ‘Kavin’ (gu: કવિન, hi: कविन), which means handsome (also in Tamil!).

Being Father

* .. is not easy! The little one is doing fine but mom was feeling some weakness due to lost of sleep at night, so we went to hospital today. Now, I am thanking myself for being here and having 2 weeks off from Office/Traveling.

If you wondering that why it is hard to be mom/papa? See below.

My brother recorded voice of above feat. Very interesting, but I wasn’t able to listen it fully!

The new geek is born!

* Baby Boy, 16/06/07, 9 PM IST, 3 KG