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New GPG Key

* What a lazy DD I’m.

My new GPG key transition document is available at: http://people.debian.org/~kartik/gpg-transition-kartik.txt.asc Many thanks to Christian Perrier for this. Please consider signing my new shiny key: 0x783AA4DE

And, yes. It is fun to be at ‘MiniDebconf’ here in Nitte.


* Life: As usual.

* Debian: Lots of stuffs going on. We’ve yet another ‘MiniDebConf’ edition, this time at Mangalore. (Not really, it is at: NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte) And, yes, we’ve some nice international guests this time. (Ah, hello, bubulle!). I’ve booked ticket etc. even I’m heading there during Diwali time, I hope that it will be more fun than usual crackers + sweets etc this time!

gwibber still sucks.

* There is nothing apart from Life, Debian that needs update. Aye. Aye.

DebConf 11

* Alas. Not going to DebConf 11 😦

Some Debian activity

* We’re doing heavy uploading and fixing in Debian-IN repository nowadays. Thanks to Vasudev for taking initiative on Git migration + various nice stuffs pending from long time.

* Gwibber is till mess. Help wanted as usual!

* And, MiniDebConf India at Pune is planned at Pune again. Unless, it is colliding heavily with my wife’s plan, I’ll be there as last time 🙂

Fixing Macbook: Part 1

* Dear Lazyweb,

I have Macbook (Late 2008) model running Debian Sid + Mac OS X (sigh!) and I’m facing nice issues which prevents me to full use of disk. They’re:

1. CD-ROM drive doesn’t work. So, if I want to upgrade to ‘Snow Leopard’ or anything else, there is no other way.

2. Disk is 160 GB, I want to upgrade to better disk (say with better speed, capacity). Is there any way to clone entire disk (with partition preserved) and use it? Remember: I don’t have CD-ROM

3. Is there any way to wipe-out Mac OS X and running Debian with hardware acceleration? I’ve noticed that if you single boot Debian, it lacks Video acceleration.

Any pointers towards above 3 is appreciate. I’ll hostname my computer if you help me to fix this 😉

New toy: Canon 550D

* Finally!

Thanks to Sham who forced me for this 😉

Nexenta is hiring!

* It is always fantastic being with Kernel, Device Drivers, File Systems and Network Protocol and yeah, Illumos, NCP and NexentaStor! So, if you’re around or in St. Petersburg, Krasnodar or Northen Boston (or even somewhere else too) – read below 🙂

we‘re hiring!

From, John Goerzen’s recent post,

Oh, and if you’d like to work for us, you should probably be sending me an email. No, I’m not going to list the address here on this blog post. If you can’t figure it out, I don’t want to hear from you


I'm going to conf.kde.in

Yes. And, I’m talking about “Localization” in ‘Localization foo’ talk.

Speaker list is awesome. See you there!

* List of talks: http://kde.in/conf/talks/
* Delegate registration: http://kde.in/conf/register/

In case, you’re in Ahmedabad or near by (and college student!) , I’ve awesome posters to put into your college notice board to let your friends and spread the word. Ping me that case.


* So, Debian 6.0 Squeeze is released! And, congratulations and thanks to all people involved. Lets have party now!

Mailing list for Indian Debian Users

* Finally, as announced here. Thanks formorer!

Point your browser to, http://lists.debian.org/debian-dug-in/ subscribe and have fun!!

apt-get install moksha!

* No, we don’t have ‘moksha‘ packaged yet.

Sometime ago, Nirav forwarded me query regarding Utkarsh (my project where our goal was to provide complete Gujarati interface in OS) who got CD long time back but facing some issue. Last week, I decided to help and finish this pending task and went to place we decided. It was small laptop (ie EEE PC) for guru of group called, OM Parivar. I installed Ubuntu and customized it for Gujarati interface and required software.

Second time, I went to Guruji’s place for small training and I was wondering how fast man of 82 years can learn! He was very happy to see me helping and so I’m converting more person to Linux. I also explained why I’m using Linux and we even discussed about some Free Software philosophy.

Next time: Keep Debian Installer with USB boot handy 😉