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How to lose your customer?

* Sometime back regarding my experiences with redbus.in, I happily wrote post how to not lose your customer? post. Now yesterday evening, I felt bored and tried my hands on indiaplaza.in shopping website and ordered two usb laptop lights (without having laptop!!). I was happy that site was accepting debit card and transaction was done smooth, but after finishing icici payment procedure, order was showing ‘Pending Authorization’. So, I tried again and checked in my bank account – great, money was drawn two times and indiaplaza.in was showing ‘Pending Authorization’ from ‘My Accounts’ section. I have written long mail to them. Awaiting action and 4 usb laptop light. I will give it to whoever wish on FCFS basis 😉

Update: Order is now confirmed and ready for shipping. Good things comes for those who waits!

How to not lose your customer?

* I had really nice experience yesterday (oppose to my usual real life experiences nowadays). I was trying to get ticket to Mumbai (home). Since, I don’t own credit card (and wish to in future), I was not able to book air tickets, agent was option but I wanted it as early as possible. There wasn’t any train ticket, so I took brave step and decided to go by road (bus). Checked redbus.in and found that tickets are available and they are giving facility to book ticket by debit card too! I try to book ticket but somehow it was failed transaction 😦 But, to my surprise, I got call from redbus customer care and they told me that if I can book ticket on phone. I said, oh yes! And, today I get my ticket delivered to office.

I am now loyal customer of redbus 🙂

Santacruz in Kandivali

* While waiting for Kushal to wake up and get ready for office, I tried to organize my flickr pics and found this map:

Looks like Yahoo people needs someone from Mumbai 😉


* Why Monday sucks?

* I agree with Gunnar. +1 for it!

Custom Keywords

* Accidently, I found this ‘Mozilla Custom Keywords‘ and tried with Debian BTS. It works.

1. Bookmark: http://bugs.debian.org/%s

2. Give it keyword: bugs (or whatever you want, like if you hate bugs, you can give it, ‘hate’ also…)

3. Type: bugs nnnnnn (where nnnnnn is bug number).

Done. No need to type entire url or use broken search engines. Btw, this is really cheap hack, I need to really something cool that will bring some excitement in current boring life 😛

Raghudixit Project

* Got the album. Enjoying it!

KPPP+Tata Indicom USB Modem

* Do not forget to read /usr/share/doc/kppp/README.Debian if you have strange problems like pppd dies after starting dialing or you can’t get CARRIER at all from your Tata Indicom USB Modem on Debian or Ubuntu. It wasted my good amount of time 🙂

* Spaghetti was nice, but my stomach is not 😦


* Initial life at any place is not easy. Away from /home, missing 2Ks, dealing with Uncertainty Principle daily and almost 2/3 km walking is making not so good effect. My body is adjusting with good amount of rice and rice products – I love that!!

* Work is great till now (I mean I have done almost 0 work!). Installed Sid on my laptop. No issues till so far.

SF and MS

* I got following while reading some SourceForge mailing list:

This SF.net email is sponsored by: Microsoft
Defy all challenges. Microsoft (R) Visual Studio 2008.

So, what to say?