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* Istanbul is desktop session recorder and is tool which I wanted for years! It will record your session into an Ogg Theora video file. Great for to demo any program’s tutorial. I have recorded sample file, which can be found here.

Flickr and photo limits

* Oh, I come to know yesterday by this help note that only latest 200 pics are showing when you have Free Flickr account. I really need pro account or need to search for another Free photo sharing site.


* I just start using Mozilla Thunderbird since my Evolution badly damaged after some crash [One of the possible reason was frequent electricity problems during last week]. I was able to recover all mails/contacts, btw. Well, I didn’t know that my Thunderbird is sending all mails in default HTML format! and adding signature to it is tricky for evolution user. Finally, I found it using Edit->Account Settings–>Attach this signature. Its simple and you can change signature without any difficulties.

* We had nice party at Office as Magnet is entering now in 8th year. Happy Birthday to Magnet! Being part of it since 5th anniversary, I am feeling proud to be here.


* Google Summer Of Code is again in discussion! Debian is also taking part in it. And, yes, IndLiux is also there in possible queue. Suggest your ideas here!

Magnet Cup 2006

* My sports were limited to only Frozen Bubble, Same Gnome, Quake III and DooM III till now. We had nice ‘Magnet (Cricket) Cup 2006’! There was several challenges in organizing it. The sports committee tried hard to find out Good Ground! In mumbai, it is very difficult to get good ground to play. But, we found out nearby and we had fun! I played two match and scored none! Whooh! See my flckr gallary for some pictures, specially this.

* Liferea is good RSS feed reader. Now, I am using it at both /home and office! It comes with nice exaple feed list too!

Liferea Feed Reader


* I have never seen such an addictive puzzle so far, http://www.iimi-iris.com/iris/irising/klueLESS/
Kudos to IIMI team and thanks to sweta for pointing it out to all of us at Office. It is looking that my Saturday and Sunday will go into it! Some related discussion can be found here too.

* Another 0ne is: http://www.planarity.net/

* Good article on Linux workstation security. Written for Gentoo Linux but can be apply almost all distributions.

Linux Magazines,,

* I am worried. Why? Because, Whenever, the new issue of so called Linux Magazine in the stand, it comes with crap! You may have seen PCQLinux 2006 and the thread ‘PCQLinux 2006 Lousy’ on ILUG-BOM mailing list. LFY always shouts to be Linux magazine and always comes with ancient age distro’s updates and Live CDs that is 100% closed source! Why they simply can’t put Debian GNU/Linux, Gentoo or Slackware? God knows!

Python on my mobile..

* I was finding my old article on LFY, and I came across nice article about Python on Nokia 6600, I was amazed to see that and in few minutes Python was running in my mobile! Wow..

* This is the best resource page I have ever seen. There is #pys60 channel on irc.freenode.org too! I will put some screenshot after gaining some experience on it..

* I had seesion on ‘Linux Community’ in Office.. I used s5 for that. And I was inspired to make it due to lack of AMD64 OpenOffice.org build on my machine 😦

why I love firefox?

* The answer is simple! Tons of extensions and ease of use. Well, I was shocked by some crappy Linux users who are advertising closed source and so called free browser by putting banners and buttons in their blogs! Firefox has now (or I seen that yesterday!) adblock-plus extension.


* No mail in my Gmail account!

I got logo(s)

* The Nice script. Got link from mDeamon

* Gmail add ‘Delete’ button finally!!

* Looking back at this week’s task! Lots of things to be done..

I have logo now..

* Ashok (Our designer) made nice logo within 4 seconds for my blog! Nice work (Well, using Photoshop!)

he he, I have logo!

* Very much tired nowadays.