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Two weekends and between them

* I’ll be at Mumbai (aka BOM) on next two weekends. Between that I’ll be free to work on whatever I want while watching TV or movie. i.e. dear Ks are away for 5 days.

24-25 Apr and 1-2 May. Beer signing? Key party? LUG Meet? Anyone?

My secret plans at Mumbai are:
+ Get some hardware for new ‘upcoming’ PC at Lemington Road,
+ Get some books from CBS,
+ Get Reliance super-duper high-speed Internet dongle working with Debian, write small how-to for that. Repeat that with super awesome Tata Photon.
+ Meet friends there!
+ Return back with tons of mangoes.

DC 19 in India?

* My wife and kid (ie Kavin) went to Mumbai for enjoying Ganesh Utsav today. I came back home from station to home via AMTS (ah, that bought my 47 route memories of hostel days). During travel of that 15 minutes, I thought why Debconf can’t be in India? It can – May be DC 19 or 21? God knows – that is very long planning and I still have to be there at one Debconf 😛 But, but, as always – I am very optimistic.

I am looking for where in India it can happen.

Ahmedabad: Plenty of good venues, well connected, but in dry state – no alcohol ie no Cheese & Wine party! July/August is terrible weather for outsiders.
Bangalore: Very good connectivity (Internet/Reach), Venue is problem, Weather is good/ok.
Chennai: IITM. Probably, other venues? Debian is popular (I am only Indian DD, not connected to IITs). Weather?
Mumbai: Bad for organization of any event, costly – but IITB is plus point.
Pune: Weather seems good, good connectivity but no idea about venue(s).

Any other places?

Don’t shoot me, please 😛

First quote that makes sense..

from Ilug-bom mailing list

“All those who pull you out of shit might not always be your friends, and every one who puts you inside shit might not necessarily be your enemies”.

[VAC] 26th March – 4th April

* We (3Ks) will be at Mumbai from tomorrow till 4th April.

Initially, I adjusted my vacation (& paid leaves ;)) along with 3rd Indic Developers Meet – but somehow it is not going to happen within this timeframe – So, I have big vacation where I have nothing to do apart from spending time with family, watching TV and reading unfinished wishlist books. I will check mails once or twice in a day, will hack something at night, will do KDE Gujarati work – but, can’t upload packages on slow connection there (or may be I can?). Feel free to do NMU – at moment, nothing seems serious in my packages (yep, speech-tools need to fix! Thank God, Kumar is there to take care :P)

C ya, soon!

My heart is burning..

* It is almost over. But, my heart is burning..

I’m Loving it…

Debian Project Patch Tracking System


… To meet Mom/Papa after one month!

Safe and Normal

* Life is normal now at my dear city, Ahmedabad or Amadavad (Thats what I call it). We (Me, Kavin and K) arrived here at Sunday morning safely.

Now, its Rain which is making me sick after Vodaphone server is down and I can’t recharge K’s mobile at moment.

Quick visit to Mumbai and more..

* I visited /home (ie Mumbai) for one day. And, found that,

1. Kavin got 2 new teeth to accompany his rabbit like teeth on upper side!

2. Kavin can now walk (run) without support.

3. My broken camera can give very good results when needed.

4. I can stay without Internet for entire day!

* Kavin and K will be here with me from next week, my hunt for home is still continue (hopefully, it will end this week).

* Good news: Cleared FD and DAM Approval stages, now only one step remaining to get complete Nirvana.

* I am bit upset about recent happenings in Gujarat and entire nation. Not writing much here, as My Gujarati blog is speaking better for such issues in my own language!

Happy (belated) Birthday to Kavin!

* Many many returns of the day to my dear Kavin, his birthday was on 16th and we had very small party too. Some pics are uploaded to my flickr and thanks to barkha for giving her digicam for capturing great moments.

Now back to Ahmedabad and waiting for rain to use my new umbrealla.

/home sweet /home

* Just feeling so good at /home. I reached home (Mumbai) after 18 hours of road travel by bus. Funny thing was that my son refused to recognized me 😉 He has become so naughty too.

Fixing my system which wasn’t updated from last 3 months at moment!

How to not lose your customer?

* I had really nice experience yesterday (oppose to my usual real life experiences nowadays). I was trying to get ticket to Mumbai (home). Since, I don’t own credit card (and wish to in future), I was not able to book air tickets, agent was option but I wanted it as early as possible. There wasn’t any train ticket, so I took brave step and decided to go by road (bus). Checked redbus.in and found that tickets are available and they are giving facility to book ticket by debit card too! I try to book ticket but somehow it was failed transaction 😦 But, to my surprise, I got call from redbus customer care and they told me that if I can book ticket on phone. I said, oh yes! And, today I get my ticket delivered to office.

I am now loyal customer of redbus 🙂