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Mandatory yearly post

* Somehow, I felt that there should be post for atleast to abuse ‘Planet Debian’ in the new year of 2013. So, what’s going on?

1. Finished Full Marathon aka Standard Charted Mumbai Marathon with pathetic timing of 5h55m35s (and felt good at the end).

2. Good thing: Visited family twice in last 2 months.

3. N number of Idlis were consumed. Where, N >= 300. Overall, I’m big fan of South Indian food which is more suitable for my stomach. Thanks to running, my junkfood consumption is lesser than I can imagine but you can find me in those places during some weekends to fullfill calories lost in LSD run!

4. Last Sunday, I delivered lecture on ‘Debian Ecosystem’, mostly same presentation with additional updates and details, at SVIT, Doddaballapur (technically, some outskirt of BLR) as part of FSMK’s 5 days event. It was well received from the applause I got. Photos are still lying in memory card and probably will not come out until next usage of camera.

5. I’m very silent on Debian packaging and someone will hit me for pending tasks, but enjoying packaging and fixing tlsdate/torbirdy for Debian lately to get motivation. Other than that, few uploads were done.

[Life] Relocation and running

* In case you’re not watching my twitter (and other social medias), I’ve moved to none other than – Bangalore. I’m  working with credativ. So, hello all DDs there!

* On running front, I’m back to track from today. Planning to run Bangalore Ultra 50K next month and then Mumbai Marathon (SCMM) in January 2013. BLR Ultra registration should be done in next 1-2 days.

* It is challenging to stay along after four and half years of staying with family (and out of it 3 years of working from home!). I hope to move them here as soon as some things are fixed and start enjoying ‘real’ life.


I'm going to conf.kde.in

Yes. And, I’m talking about “Localization” in ‘Localization foo’ talk.

Speaker list is awesome. See you there!

* List of talks: http://kde.in/conf/talks/
* Delegate registration: http://kde.in/conf/register/

In case, you’re in Ahmedabad or near by (and college student!) , I’ve awesome posters to put into your college notice board to let your friends and spread the word. Ping me that case.

foss.in/2009: Report from lazy man

* Yes. I’m kicking myself for being lazy and not doing stuffs that I supposed to do before, during and after foss.in/2009. I had expected too much that never happened but something too good happened that I wasn’t able to imagine.

foss.in/2007 was my last foss.in visit where we had lots of fun. Really. But, along with that certain elements (ie Real Life) made it hard to let me enjoy that. Same happened during 2008. Pity. I missed KDE Song and what not..

But, this year – I determined and kicked myself several times. Real Life was kind of in happy mood. foss.in team helped me to figure out travel issues. So, I was all set.

All days were filled with fun, much better involvement (& RTFM) with Debian and then my small talk at KDE PoTD was surprise to me (and also to that Projector that never worked with my Macbook). I’ve made some cool friends – Ramkumar, Siddhesh, Shreyank, Rahul Sundaram and many more from Pai hotel discussion group!

For those who missed my stupid brown humor and PJs – next time. C ya at foss.in/2010!

And yes, I took only two pictures during entire conference. But, fossdotin flickr or picasa tag will say you what kind of fun we had.

Power of Debian

* It was simple wire..

* Aamod came and gave me couple of stickers, and I was amazed..

foss.in/2009: be there!

* What am going to do there?

1. Debian Workout: Where we are going to get some more ‘people’ hacking on Debian packaging. My focus will be on collaborative-maintainance, RC Bug Fixes, things we could not finished last year (I wasn’t there, but Kapil took the lead..). Kunal & friends are very much interested in fixing some things in `reportbug’ – so it will be fun.
2. Debian Development BOF: This is all about things we did in ‘talks’ in last years. BOF is better than ‘talk’. I’m going to re-prove it!

Foss.in/2009: Be there!


* Long awaited CFP is out! Lets see how we represent Debian this time. Last year’s I missed it completely and I am also not sure about this year, but as always – I am excited 😉

Go for it!

DC 19 in India?

* My wife and kid (ie Kavin) went to Mumbai for enjoying Ganesh Utsav today. I came back home from station to home via AMTS (ah, that bought my 47 route memories of hostel days). During travel of that 15 minutes, I thought why Debconf can’t be in India? It can – May be DC 19 or 21? God knows – that is very long planning and I still have to be there at one Debconf 😛 But, but, as always – I am very optimistic.

I am looking for where in India it can happen.

Ahmedabad: Plenty of good venues, well connected, but in dry state – no alcohol ie no Cheese & Wine party! July/August is terrible weather for outsiders.
Bangalore: Very good connectivity (Internet/Reach), Venue is problem, Weather is good/ok.
Chennai: IITM. Probably, other venues? Debian is popular (I am only Indian DD, not connected to IITs). Weather?
Mumbai: Bad for organization of any event, costly – but IITB is plus point.
Pune: Weather seems good, good connectivity but no idea about venue(s).

Any other places?

Don’t shoot me, please 😛


* Even nothing is certain at moment. Wish I could be there.

What a weekend!

* So, power came around 11 PM and the next day (Sunday) it was cut again around 9 AM! Kushal came back around 1.45 PM and we decided to not to fry ourself inside home, so went for movie. Unfortunately, we got tickets of 7 PM only, until then I tried to sleep, read 2 chapters of ‘Fermat’s last theorem‘ by Simon Singh. I am getting more and more interest in Physics and Mathematics nowadays 🙂

Movie was, The Chronicles Of Narnia : Prince Caspian. Good movie. I wish I could have watch with my son 🙂

The best thing was, when we went home, Power was there. Enjoyed it with beer!!

[VAC] Till I get Debian machine!

* I have no longer pure Debian machine access available to me for unknown time 😦 So, obviously, I will not able to update my packages (most packages need no update and migrated into testing already, some are waiting for sponsor to uploads). All are under LowThresholdNmu. Feel free to do NMU without asking me, if RC/RG bug appears 🙂 I will have IRC/Mail etc access though.

Enjoy Madi!

Meanwhile, I am enjoying beer, movies, learning Python and finishing readinglong pending books.