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apt-get install moksha!

* No, we don’t have ‘moksha‘ packaged yet.

Sometime ago, Nirav forwarded me query regarding Utkarsh (my project where our goal was to provide complete Gujarati interface in OS) who got CD long time back but facing some issue. Last week, I decided to help and finish this pending task and went to place we decided. It was small laptop (ie EEE PC) for guru of group called, OM Parivar. I installed Ubuntu and customized it for Gujarati interface and required software.

Second time, I went to Guruji’s place for small training and I was wondering how fast man of 82 years can learn! He was very happy to see me helping and so I’m converting more person to Linux. I also explained why I’m using Linux and we even discussed about some Free Software philosophy.

Next time: Keep Debian Installer with USB boot handy 😉

Report from MiniDebConf India 2010

* So, here is late report!

Sometime back Praveen started discussion at DebianIndia mailing list about having MiniDebConf kind of conference here in India. MiniDebConfs are generally focused on ‘development’ rather than at ‘introduction to Debian’. But, since this was our first attempt, out focus was more on to introduce Debian to student community and after writing this after 5 days – I realize that we’ve done good job!

Many thanks to Joerg Jaspert for setting up ‘Mini’ website: http://in2010.mini.debconf.org/

Praveen got bunch of sponsors, many thanks to CDAC and other sponsors for making event happen with testy food and tea that kept me awake.

Now what really happened at Pune?

My flight was nice. I went to guest house of COEP (the host college, 2nd old engineering college in India) and took some rest and called Praveen. He was already at computer lab and setting up Virtualbox and other things. We had two places – hall and lab. Unfortunately, both were at different buildings and subway between them 🙂 I discussed with couple of students and we went to dinner at late night. Pro. Abhijit – who was kindly give permission to use lab and college hall – was another source of energy. He is handling many FOSS events in college and probably only faculty who encourage students to use and learn FOSS.

The Day 1 started with long lines of registration process. As we had around 200 registration, turn out of students were 100% on first day. Hall was almost full. Dr. Shashikumar from CDAC gave nice lecture about ‘contribution’ which was well received. Praveen and Onkar then took the stage and gave nice introduction about Debian.

I met Onkar first time. We had really nice discussion ranging from becoming Ubuntu MOTU to his Powerbook’s adapter. After that Vikram took lively session on ‘i18n and l10n in Debian’ and I took boring session on ‘Contributing to Debian’. Yet another boring session from me was ‘Developer Toolbox’.

Packaging workshop by me at hall made many faces to yawn heavily while Onkar and Praveen handled it nicely at Lab. Main reason for yawning was Wifi and my Macbook’s capacity to deal with ndiswrapper and crappy broadcom’s drivers. (Note: I should get nice machine.)

I met Sham first time. I met Kushal once again and felt energetic again!

Day 2 – As we expected – number was very low compared to Day 1. So, we closed hall and moved entire stuffs to Lab only. Vikram took again nice session on ‘Debian Edu’. It was very interactive and I should learn something from his act of presentation.

Another nice thing from Day 2 was discussion with BOSS Linux team. Hold on. Lets keep some old woes aside. They are basically doing what their ‘bosses’ are telling. Developers were clueless about ‘Sending patches’ to upstream. Their bugzilla had ‘Zorro’ bug reported. I made promise to follow-up on this and set-up ‘patches from boss’ at somewhere depending upon their response. That mail is my draft – let me finish it by weekend. Pavi and others took video from session. It will be nice if someone will post it somewhere 🙂

We then continued on discussing ‘bugs’ and ‘packaging’ area. It was amazing to see ‘Praveen become DM’ during conference and also to see: upstream, maintainer and sponsor in one room.

I really had nice food at dinners. “Mango Mastani” was nice. Beer was nice. How can I forget discussion with Ramki, Ninad, Pro.Abhijit, Praveen, Pavi and others after dinner?

So – lets work for MiniDebConf 2011 now!

MiniDebConf in India

* Yes. $subject is true!!

We’re going to have Mini DebConf here in India. (You may call it Micro too!) If you’re not going to DebConf10 and/or nearby Pune, India (or even far!) – you’re most welcome! Many many thanks to Praveen for taking lead & organizing event. We plan to focus on getting <more> people into the Debian. Good thing is that many Ubuntu contributors will be there and that will probably bring both distribution much more closer! (Hello, Onkar!)

Many thanks to Nexenta for traveling support. And, since Sham is also attending – We can have MiniNexenta Meet also! Anil and Garrett are meeting on the other end of the world at the same time 🙂

Be there!!

Stay tuned at Wiki page for more update. My blogging frequency is not better nowadays..

Some more updates

* gwibber, yokadi are in. So, you can get it as usual. pem is rejected due to stupidness of myself for not looking things in more detail, lazy /me.

And, yes, python-xml is removed (#540475) so I either need to RM request for pyslide or need to sit again to hack it but I think its difficult for me alone at moment and no reply on #468610. I am just wondering how Ubuntu will fix it now (LP #199014)

Any help is most welcome!


* Magically, my old post appeared on various Planets after I added one more relevant tag in it. I am really Sorry for that!

Omelette and Fruits

* The Omelette Post

… and it clears about ‘low hanging fruits’ too.

pyslide story

* Someday back, it was decided that python-xml is no longer updated in Debian and Ubuntu, so it will be removed and this bug #468610 was filed (with many similar bugs). Good enough. I was searching and looking into it with my limited knowledge of Python and so on. Accidentally, I found that this bug has been ‘fixed’ into Ubuntu LP: #199014. Nice. I tried that solution and it wasn’t really working. So, Onkar opened it quickly with confirmation. Thanks to him for quick work.

So, I requested for ‘help’ of this bug. Nothing came from submitter. Now, it was closed again (9th April) with saying that python-xml dependency has been re-added. But, this diff is saying different story. It may be slipped in hurry of releasing Hardy!

Moral of the story: Ubuntu needs more QA work.

PS: Ubuntu users, please report grave bug if pyslide is not working without python-xml.

PS II: pyslide is nice little package to create nice presentations 🙂

Jigdo and Debian DVD/CD

Kumar, a dedicated Debian dude has written following and I’m sponsoring the first ever Sponsored Post to my blog:

Thanks to Kartik Mistry for `sponsoring’ this blog post. I wanted him to do this because I don’t blog, and his blog has wide reception on Planet India FLOSS and Planet Debian. So, here goes!

Jigdo is a wonderful way of constructing CD/DVD ISOs by dowloading smaller units (like deb packages) to construct an image on your machine, rather than download a 4.3 GB monster over internet only to realize that the connection stops half way or some such thing.

I would also take this opportunity to publicize IIT Madras’ mirror, which mirrors quite a bit of free software. It has a (somewhat) offical Debian (x86, amd64) mirror at


And am x86 mirror for Ubuntu as well:

It is also (most of the time) http://ftp.in.kernel.org and http://www.in.kernel.org, since it is an official Linux kernel mirror (the only one I know of in India).

Anyway, let’s jigdo now! We are to prepare the DVD for Etch 4.0r1 (i386) using jigdo. Here are the steps:

0. Get Jigdo. You can get the “lite” version for any GNU/Linux distribution or Windows here:

But Debian/Ubuntu users just need to apt-get install jigdo-lite.

1. Visit http://cdimage.debian.org and go to the “Download CD/DVD images with Jigdo” section.

2. I need the official i386 “stable” DVD image for i386, so I click that. That takes me to a page with a directory listing with many “.jigdo” files and “.template” files. While the jigdo file is a gzipped and formatted list of files in the CD/DVD, the template file is one with a description of the image itself. See TechDetails.txt in the jugdo distribution (or /usr/share/doc/jigdo-file) for details.

3. I download debian-40r1-i386-DVD-1.jigdo and debian-40r1-i386-DVD-1.template to a directory on my computer, and run this:

jigdo-lite debian-40r1-i386-DVD-1.jigdo

4. First, I am asked for files to scan. Since I don’t have any files on my disk already (or don’t want to use them), I just press Return.

5. I am then asked for a mirror. I specify the fastest mirror available:

And that’s it. It is supposed to write a blank image and start populating it with Debian packages! Simple, huh?

Depending on the speed of your connection, it should take a few hours (or days) to get a DVD image done. A CD would be much quicker. For people inside IIT Madras, we get 5-7 MBps to the mirror, so it takes around half an hour for the DVD image. So, now you know whom to ask for those Debian DVDs and CDs, if you’re near Chennai, right?

Troubleshooting suggestions are available on the Debian CD-Image
website here: http://www.debian.org/CD/jigdo-cd/

So, hope this was useful.

Kumar Appaiah

the first cut

* Foss.in/2007 the first short list is out! Look at Debian-Ubuntu Project Day and be there. Apart from Debian, I am talking about OO.o Dictionary for Indic languages.

Debian Project Day

* Dear all, submit your talk(s) for Debian/Ubuntu Project Day before 8th Oct :P. Still in doubt about anything? Let me know.