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Fixing Macbook: Part 1

* Dear Lazyweb,

I have Macbook (Late 2008) model running Debian Sid + Mac OS X (sigh!) and I’m facing nice issues which prevents me to full use of disk. They’re:

1. CD-ROM drive doesn’t work. So, if I want to upgrade to ‘Snow Leopard’ or anything else, there is no other way.

2. Disk is 160 GB, I want to upgrade to better disk (say with better speed, capacity). Is there any way to clone entire disk (with partition preserved) and use it? Remember: I don’t have CD-ROM

3. Is there any way to wipe-out Mac OS X and running Debian with hardware acceleration? I’ve noticed that if you single boot Debian, it lacks Video acceleration.

Any pointers towards above 3 is appreciate. I’ll hostname my computer if you help me to fix this 😉

Infibeam Pi

* Two things I loved about Infibeam Pi ebook reader today,

Desktop or Netbook?

* I am looking for either assembled desktop or netbook suitable for my wife` K`. She refused to use my Macbook 😦 even it will be unused during daytime after I will be joining new place/job from Monday!

She asked: What will be OS in it?

Me: Linux.

She: Oh!

Me: What will you do with that machine?

She: Surfing, Email etc

Me: Then, why you should worry, dear 😛


* Finally, we got our idiot box!


* I have started breaking commitments so often. It really hurts when you do it often and I am very depressed by myself at moment.

But, good things in life so far:

+ My new digital photoframe has arrived. Thanks to Chintan for it.

+ We have started to make some furniture for home (ie my longterm pending thing: Computer Table!)

+ Kavin is becoming so smart, he has started speaking some random words and identify and duplicate things I do (no, not Debian packaging yet!)

+ My macbook has 4 GB RAM now. The incident is here (Sorry, its in Gujarati only!).

6 Months with Mac

* Inspired by Lior’s post, here is my 6 month adventure with Mac OS X.

Since, I have dual-boot with Debian on my Macbook, and it works perfect; there are only 6 hours for Mac for me at work. Still, I can use ‘Free and Open Source’ softwares as much as possible 🙂









Frozen Bubble


Nope. Still, I am use Mail and iPhoto/Photo Booth. Shame on me, but will move to alternatives soon!

Note to potential Linux developers who want to buy macbook: Don’t buy it. You can get better performance and don’t have to fix things and you can spend that much time in other useful work!

What happened next?

* Can you imagine? What happened next?