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foss.in/2009: Report from lazy man

* Yes. I’m kicking myself for being lazy and not doing stuffs that I supposed to do before, during and after foss.in/2009. I had expected too much that never happened but something too good happened that I wasn’t able to imagine.

foss.in/2007 was my last foss.in visit where we had lots of fun. Really. But, along with that certain elements (ie Real Life) made it hard to let me enjoy that. Same happened during 2008. Pity. I missed KDE Song and what not..

But, this year – I determined and kicked myself several times. Real Life was kind of in happy mood. foss.in team helped me to figure out travel issues. So, I was all set.

All days were filled with fun, much better involvement (& RTFM) with Debian and then my small talk at KDE PoTD was surprise to me (and also to that Projector that never worked with my Macbook). I’ve made some cool friends – Ramkumar, Siddhesh, Shreyank, Rahul Sundaram and many more from Pai hotel discussion group!

For those who missed my stupid brown humor and PJs – next time. C ya at foss.in/2010!

And yes, I took only two pictures during entire conference. But, fossdotin flickr or picasa tag will say you what kind of fun we had.

Power of Debian

* It was simple wire..

* Aamod came and gave me couple of stickers, and I was amazed..

foss.in Day 1

* Day 1 was pretty good. We had really nice breakfast, after kind of okay-okay sleep due to late night hacking of memories with Kushl, Pradeepto and Siddhesh. We jumped into vehicle, dropped ourselves to venue and met Jace, Samay and other known faces there. Inside, there were few people.. But, we had very nice discussion with fellow speakers sitting near hackcenter area while watching schedule is updated on-the-fly.

Had nice interaction with Ramkumar and instead of working on Debian workout stuffs, noted to learn emacs (yeah, I’m vim guy ;)). Started it with small amount of dose. We settled around table #8 and will remain there. Kunal wanted to package some PHP stuff, he started with that. I uploaded yokadi without any fancy stuff (really, nothing). Started with looking into gwibber2. I rushed to hall #3 and introduced about ‘Debian workout’ but I think people were confused about my sudden introduction, Aanjhan was laughing on my crappy jokes on last seat. Anyway, I then went back, met Aanjhan after so many months, met some more people, peeped into wireshark packet capturing by Siddhesh.

Keynote by Dimitris Glezos, was amazing. We then headed to Aangan for dinner. It was entirely Kushal’s idea, so we were suspecting something about beerware, but alas, it was fantastic Punjabi food. We loved it. Return journey to hotel was NFS Rickshaw driving kind of.

Obviously, I’m not seating in Pradeepto-Aanjhan’s room with other fellows, writing this, lots of discussion on lots of random topics. Kushal’s jokes are coming at random() interval.

Day 1, it was..

foss.in/2009: be there!

* What am going to do there?

1. Debian Workout: Where we are going to get some more ‘people’ hacking on Debian packaging. My focus will be on collaborative-maintainance, RC Bug Fixes, things we could not finished last year (I wasn’t there, but Kapil took the lead..). Kunal & friends are very much interested in fixing some things in `reportbug’ – so it will be fun.
2. Debian Development BOF: This is all about things we did in ‘talks’ in last years. BOF is better than ‘talk’. I’m going to re-prove it!

Foss.in/2009: Be there!


* Long awaited CFP is out! Lets see how we represent Debian this time. Last year’s I missed it completely and I am also not sure about this year, but as always – I am excited 😉

Go for it!

How much time it will take to deliver tshirt?

* I happily ordered foss.in tshirt from hepfly.com. But, but, it was my mistake! I am wondering how much time it will take to deliver tshirt with-in India? Its already 15 + days..

And, no proper reply or update from their customer care.

PS: I got it on the day I post this! Nice quality 🙂


* Even nothing is certain at moment. Wish I could be there.

Omelette and Fruits

* The Omelette Post

… and it clears about ‘low hanging fruits’ too.

foss.in/2008 event announcement

* If you have not read event announcement yet, Please go through this message. I have just applied (and granted) for leave for event.

C ya at foss.in/2008!

At /home..

* Flickr pics says whole story. Foss.in == Fun! I learned a lot while managing Debian/Ubuntu stall. Next year we will have more better stall and representation from community. Debian Tshirts were given to 3 nice people (Thanks – Prasad, Amod and Anivar) who maintain stall during my mysterious gaps. Sorry to Cydork – yeah, size does matter!

* Thanks to team at foss.in, You people rocks (always)!

* Finally, back /home (as usual, flight was delayed). Kavin is crawling much intelligent way and demands things (he want to chew everything..). So, time to alert!

Foss.in: Debian/Ubuntu Project Day

* I was too tired to write this yesterday. Yes, it was very hectic day (but great fun!). Things started very well. Sam and Bubulle did great presentations (specially, this slide from bubulle’s presentation!).

Problem with G0SUB’s laptop lead our workshop in very bad situation but Karunakar’s laptop made life easy by some percent! Thanks to him!!

Personally, I will not say anything about last two talks, but we have to be very careful next time 😦

* Congrats to Varun for being 4th Indian Debian Developer! Yeppie!