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Two weekends and between them

* I’ll be at Mumbai (aka BOM) on next two weekends. Between that I’ll be free to work on whatever I want while watching TV or movie. i.e. dear Ks are away for 5 days.

24-25 Apr and 1-2 May. Beer signing? Key party? LUG Meet? Anyone?

My secret plans at Mumbai are:
+ Get some hardware for new ‘upcoming’ PC at Lemington Road,
+ Get some books from CBS,
+ Get Reliance super-duper high-speed Internet dongle working with Debian, write small how-to for that. Repeat that with super awesome Tata Photon.
+ Meet friends there!
+ Return back with tons of mangoes.

[VAC] 26th March – 4th April

* We (3Ks) will be at Mumbai from tomorrow till 4th April.

Initially, I adjusted my vacation (& paid leaves ;)) along with 3rd Indic Developers Meet – but somehow it is not going to happen within this timeframe – So, I have big vacation where I have nothing to do apart from spending time with family, watching TV and reading unfinished wishlist books. I will check mails once or twice in a day, will hack something at night, will do KDE Gujarati work – but, can’t upload packages on slow connection there (or may be I can?). Feel free to do NMU – at moment, nothing seems serious in my packages (yep, speech-tools need to fix! Thank God, Kumar is there to take care :P)

C ya, soon!

Book Meme

* From Kees and Jono,

  • Grab the nearest book.
  • Open it to page 56.
  • Find the fifth sentence.
  • Post the text of the sentence in your journal along with these instructions.
  • Don’t dig for your favorite book, the cool book, or the intellectual one: pick the CLOSEST.

My result:

“બાંયધરી (સ્ત્રી.) જામીનગીરી, ખોળાઘરી, હામી” — વ્યવહાર ઉપયોગી શબ્દકોષ (ભાષા નિયામક કચેરી, ગાંધીનગર).

(Book is Gujarati Dictionary:))

What a weekend!

* So, power came around 11 PM and the next day (Sunday) it was cut again around 9 AM! Kushal came back around 1.45 PM and we decided to not to fry ourself inside home, so went for movie. Unfortunately, we got tickets of 7 PM only, until then I tried to sleep, read 2 chapters of ‘Fermat’s last theorem‘ by Simon Singh. I am getting more and more interest in Physics and Mathematics nowadays 🙂

Movie was, The Chronicles Of Narnia : Prince Caspian. Good movie. I wish I could have watch with my son 🙂

The best thing was, when we went home, Power was there. Enjoyed it with beer!!

[VAC] Till I get Debian machine!

* I have no longer pure Debian machine access available to me for unknown time 😦 So, obviously, I will not able to update my packages (most packages need no update and migrated into testing already, some are waiting for sponsor to uploads). All are under LowThresholdNmu. Feel free to do NMU without asking me, if RC/RG bug appears 🙂 I will have IRC/Mail etc access though.

Enjoy Madi!

Meanwhile, I am enjoying beer, movies, learning Python and finishing readinglong pending books.

News: Not for me..

* I just removed all local and international news feed from Akregator feed list. They are not for me. Local news channels are full of IPL news only and international are useless for me. Also, deleted some useless feeds like my own blogs feeds etc.

* In other news, I went to my first visit of any BLR mall today. Met Harsh at lunch and had good time and talk in Gujarati in Real Life. Feeling very very good. We went to some foo places for his PG accommodation too. And, me and Kushal went to yet another nearby mall, Garuda. Pretty nice and good eye-stoppers there. And got a book, ‘The Emperor’s New Mind by Roger Penrose‘.

* Some time life worth to call it good.

The geeky dream

* What a dream it was: Apple OpenSourced the Mac OS X but the restriction were, it can only built and used on Apple hardware! I wake up and found that Kavin is slapping me with his little hand for this dirty geeky dream. I will read the book to interpret this dream now and probably this is effect of too much traveling by our dear Indian Railways.

Book Review: Beginning Fedora: From Novice to Professional

(Image: From Amazon.com)

What I am doing with Fedora? Nothing! But, when Shashank Sharma, my friend from New Delhi, sent me complementary copy of this book, I couldn’t resist myself to read it (yes, entire book). Excellent, well written book and must have for Feodra users/power users. It contains DVD of latest Fedora 7 too. And it also deals with general Linux stuffs (which I liked most in this book). I even recommended this book to my wife!

Great job Shashank and Keir Thomas (co-author).

Book’s homepage at Apress.com


I got 3 new books –

1. Official Gnome Developer’s Guide
2. UNIX Programming Environment
3. C Programming Language

Thanks to Yunus, for bought it for me !