Kartik Mistry

* Born at Palanpur, Gujarat, Kartik is known as Localized Gujarati Geek due to his early efforts in localization (l10n) arena. However, since June 2006, he is ‘Geek’ father too. He is Debian Developer and also contribute to various FOSS projects. He loves to write in Gujarati on his second blog, addicted to coffee/beer and always eager to learn new technology.

* Contact:
kartik.mistry at gmail.com
kartik at debian.org

* Blogs:
https://0x1f1f.wordpress.com (This blog!),
http://kartikm.wordpress.com (Gujarati)

* IRC: kart_ on oftc and freenode channels.

* Identi.ca: @0x1f1f
* Twitter: @0x1f1f

* Rumor is that Kartik has Facebook and Google+ accounts.